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  • makemy2005 makemy2005 Nov 22, 2013 6:33 AM Flag


    I wouldn't be shocked if the PR in fact is a "Going Private" PR. I am not trying to BS anyone hear but I have reading and digging quite a bit and considering the treatment L&L has received here in the states this could be their best option and talk TDR fits in with this possibility. I took the following from an SA article on NAZ under the YONG headlines tab:
    "Chinese CEO's are fed up with the US capitol and the way they are treated by the SEC and US investors."
    The United States is no longer the perfect honeymoon for Chinese companies that want to connect with Westerners. Going private seems to be the only solution for many US-listed China companies. The enormous compliance costs associated with being listed in America are a heavy burden for these companies, especially if a listing doesn't give anything back. Trading and liquidity for many smaller companies is low, and the legal environment is quite different than in mainland China. " My thinking is as follows, who knows if you add YONG to the 8 of 8 of last 9 T12's, then 9 out of the last 9 that resulted in a buyout of some sort and Yong's going private deal is set to close first QTR 2014. It makes sense, go private and then take the company on another exchange, Taiwan being that exchange. Considering all their problems the low PPS and what the commons are really worth a private buyout/merger would be their best option and a bargain for any buyer. Only in 2010 it was trading at 12.50. The only reason why it is struggling is two short attacks and constant scrutiny by US firms and investors and L&L will never enjoy a fair shake in the States. Make your own conclusions, but this one, for me, is gaining a huge amount of consideration and it would not shock if the next PR is just that. All known bufoons are already on IGNORE and any newbies will be added, this is for serious investors only. GL and God Bless

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    • Ha ha ha ,wake up and stop #$%$ dreaming !! All is lost my friend

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    • MM, your theory isn't as sexy as mine is but I like it, and I like the SQUEEZE it would cause when this finally opens. Shorts will be PULVERIZED! I HOPE your right, time will tell.


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    • Don't agree with you. It depends if Alibaba will do the IPO in the U.S. or in Hong Kong. If it goes for a listing in the U.S. ( Nasdaq or NYSE ) then there will be revival and a gigantic rally. If they are going for a listing in Hong Kong then you could be right. China wants to open the market and is looking for foreign investors and investments. The U.S. market is still the market to go. Even the companies which have gone "dark" are now even looking for a relisting.

    • "this is for serious investors only" .... ie for U&U among few others .... so let us comment on this ..... "going private" option isnt in the cards ... you know that .... Lee is not that stupid .... YONG had MS in the shareholder base .... here you have only the Lee gang .... plus some unfortunate retail investors who sincerely believed in their fake filings .... this story is over, exactly as it is over for Puda, LPIH, #$%$ and soon for others ....

      LLEN is a nice restaurant where Chef did work for years at cooking food for SEC's filings .... that's all.

      U&U warned for months if not years. Sorry for those who did not want to listen.

    • I also considered the TDR to be for that reason.

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      • Race, this is CERTAINLY the TREND. I feel sorry for anyone that has bought over 2yrs ago because you might not get back what you laid out and that put' them in the "baby stroller" so to speak, taking a bullet in between some sort of gang violence or even a domestic dispute gone array. UMBI, you are on IGNORE, so don't try and answer my posts because I could care less about reading the nonsense and short absurd posts that you create. Sorry Race, I had to use your post as a means to swat at that fly. Anyway, all will be revealed soon, and maybe I'm right, or maybe I'm wrong but I am now throwing out all the conspiracy theories in favor of something more logical in respect to what's readily available to read that seems to jog along side this story. GL

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    • hey make i enjoy your post. and think you might be on to something here. i been in llen for few months now and new to stock trading in general so just trying to learn. thanks for the post.

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      • Hey rooster, the best thing you could do if you are relatively young is at tax time put the maximum contribution into a 401K, it comes out of your return, tax effective, you won't feel it during the year and when you get older and dumber like me you will have a nice chunk in there, I can attest to that. Playing the market should be done with money you can part with without hurting yourself, because while being challenging and a lot of fun when you make money the opposite is readily there to bite your backside when things don't play out as expected and they often will. Another good option is a retirement account, say Metropolitan Life has a few good ones, ones you can pay monthly, whatever you can afford, say 110.00 and up, and you can review the prospectus and get an idea of how your will DEFINTELY grow, barring the TOTAL collapse of the US economy.

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      • Also rooster, never buy all your shares in one shot, use a minimum of at least to separate buys, make an initial buy and set aside some bullets in case it drops a lot further and give it time to settle , this will allow you to lower your cost average and escape a bad trade when necessary. I know holding multiple positions is costly and requires availability to sufficient funds when needed, but anything short of 2-3 stocks as a beginner is a recipe for years of 2 steps forward and three steps back when you pick a looser, and we all do. I suggest taking trading courses online, all the brokerages have them , E-trade, Ameritrade, etc. This will give you a good foundation and understanding of how the dynamics of the market work. And the best part they are FREE.
        Again, GL

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      • My pleasure, I don't pretend to be the smartest monkey in this tree, but I believe in working hard to try and find all possible outcomes and enjoy throwing it out there and seeing what you guys make out it. Tips for beginners:
        #1) never trade on margin
        #2) never put all your cash in one stock
        3#) stick with the winners and read all you can about trading and finding value(stocks that are trading lower than their true value) start with researching and fully understanding what a true P/E and intrinsic value is
        G/L and Happy Trades to you

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