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  • cpn_shareholders cpn_shareholders Jan 10, 2014 4:44 PM Flag

    No call backs from IR


    Add me the list. Does it take over 24 hours to reply, when there's just not that much going on?

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    • CPN, not quite sure if you actually called yourself or were waiting on me to give the details of my conversation with IR. You had suggested I ask about any news about a Forensic Audit, and in fact I too had not gotten a call back so I called again last night in Hope of getting through to IR, but the best I could do is get a little info out of a male receptionist who said upon my complaints of an unanswered request for a callback from IR was his excuse that IR has been overwhelmed with calls since last week. I imagine the spike in calls are in response to the "rumored meeting" in DC, as even Benzinga had called but these entities seem to get right through as opposed to individual investors only being able to reach a waiting list at best. Is this bad news? Is this the end? Is this a sign of a delisting decision coming soon as "serpent basher" mrhappy had suggested, no, not in my opinion anyway. This in fact could be viewed as a good sign as the person I spoke to was "tight-lipped" and anything I asked was answered only by "I can not comment on that, that is a question for IR" in an almost robotic voice, so I think after the "leak" they are being more careful with their responses and this could suggest a possible decision coming soon and any further "leaks" could influence that decision or the timing of it. I will follow up again late Monday and try and get through to IR again or pee and moan again if I can't. The male voice on the other end was from NY, and not far from me and after some #$%$-chat and attempted greasing of the pipes, nothing would flow, so there is definitely a tightening there for sure.


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    • think you gots screwed, yes, no ?

    • altough not much going on. their office and ir has probably been swamped by calls and e-mails since the hit piece came out september 19 and even more so after the halt, where they could probably hire 10 people to do nothing but respond to inquiries all day, so they are probably not responding anymore to everyone. plus, their lawyers would smartly advise them to not say much or they could be accused of giving out insider information regarding the situation before a public release of it. you might as well relax and wait. if it is goin to be delisted or if nasdaq decides all is good and lifts the halt, llen will announce it to everybody.

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