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  • chartguy123 chartguy123 Jan 14, 2014 9:53 PM Flag

    Kabani, KPMG and now Ernst and Young..what else does Nasdaq need?

    Include an ex justice department leader, Bartlett, in special commitee and its a recipe to prove Naz jumped the gun to halt the stock and listened to bloggers who short for profit ! I would bill Nasdaq for the expense. Doesnt sound like a guilty company to me hiring all those prestigious experts.

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    • who knows what exactly nasdaq requested, but as far as the above goes, the special committee has not yet came to a conclusion. a favorable conclusion with a favorable forensic audit would be good ammunition but at this point, you ask what else does nasdaq need and now EY. EY has not started yet or gave an opinion and the bottom line is this. the special committee was started september and about two months ago llen gave them mounds of evidence and presented what they said was total evidence against all allegations. the special committee has had this for two months and yet, they are not totally satisfied that this provides conclusive proof or why would they be requesting a forensic audit, which means llen has yet to convince the special committee with all their evidence provided. lets hope the audit does the trick, but it is not a done deal yet, and nasdaq would not lift just becuase llen hired EY. nasdaq will lift when llen provides conclusive proof to all their questions. then it will trade again. the big question is are the documentations that llen presents to the everybody, the truth. their revenue from washing came into question and then llen suddenly llen says 19% came from some tiafung washing subsidary or affiliate that no one seemed to really know about. and i would very much doubt that kabani or kpmg ever physically confirmed the existence of this mysterious taifung washing affiliate or if the revenue claimed to be from there actually took place. so nasdaq, can not rely on the fact that kabani or kpmg did anything. they need proof.

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      • bitesr Jan 18, 2014 5:46 PM Flag

        Again presuming facts not in evidence and then jumping to erroneous conclusions. Did you learn from the GEO School of Misrepresentations? If you wish to be taken seriously as someone other than a GEO buffoon who can write in complete sentences but, like GEO, writes only fiction, you'd better get with the reality of facts and read what is in evidence, instead of making up your own private reality. You stuff doesn't even rise to the level of a GEO comedy skit, taking a page from the Jay Leno playbook. You wouldn't know or recognize "the truth" if it bit you in the posterior. You sound like another GEO idiot. See you in court, on the defendant side. I can't wait to take your deposition.

    • mitchpit11 Jan 14, 2014 11:03 PM Flag

      It is a high time for a class action lawsuit against Nasdaq.
      As for Geo, these guys are criminals and should be behind bars.
      This is all bordering ridiculous.
      Both Nasdaq and Geo should compensate LLEN for all expenses, loss of earnings due to halt, loss of opportunities, pain and suffering of investors during halt.
      Any attorney here to advise? We really need to start this.

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      • this is dreaming. will never happen. nasdaq has the right to investigate after all that has happened. they waited two months before halting it, so they must have looked it over for quite awhile before determining a halt was merited. they will never compensate llen for the expense, just like the irs will not compensate you for all the time and expense if you get audited.

      • Mitch, a ton of people and funds agree with that statement!

      • BTW mitch, don't sell short your work here day to day, we will never know the impact of our e-mails to politicians, SEC complaints and so on, but I am quite sure that it opened some eyes. GL and thanks for your spirit and energy.


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      • Also any Class Action against Geo for LLEN shareholders would only make the Lawyers richer as the shareholders would get pennies on a dollar and this would set precedent as far as know as I don't know of any that were filed against the shorting firm on behalf of the shareholders. bitesr??

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      • This is bitsr's ballpark, and I am quite sure that he will tell you pain and suffering is not an option, but the losses incurred and the opportunities lost are in a "tort" case, and this includes attorney fees and time lost spent on answering the halt and not taking care of business. They might even throw in some losses from the original attack as it too was found to be inaccurate and therefore damaging. Also defamation can bring an award and should play into this case. bitesr, how did I do?? ah..ah


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    • Remember Ian was a forensic auditor thus his meeting with Nasdaq imo.

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