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  • bitesr Jan 17, 2014 9:51 PM Flag

    I'm Long and proud of It

    Rather than constantly repeating the same points, over and over. I'm long and proud of my decisions to buy shares of LLEN. I bought most of my shares after GEO released its report. Thanks GEO for the buying opportunity. I did this not because LLEN is a perfect company. It isn't. No company is. I also know not to fall in love with a stock because it will not love you back.

    I bought because the numbnuts at GEO did such a transparent distortion that GEO deserves to be found guilty of fraud. GEO's fraud is the report. Anyone who sold in response to the GEO report deserves his or her fate because it was such a transparent distortion that was devoid of any actual evidence or wrongdoing. Anyone reading it who went to law school would know that.

    I didn't expect that the Nasdaq could be such a racist organization. Their credibility has taken a huge hit in this matter. Nasdaq looks like it is run by idiots.

    That's my story and I'm still sticking with it.

    Go Hawks!

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    • Great post Bite! Keep up the good work!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Great Post, as usual by our LLEN YMB one-man counsel. I too bought shares after reading the Geo piece which based it's findings and fabricated fairytale on conversations with local peasants and poor photography. And although I don't like to even think about the fact that Organized Crime has reached deep into the Internet age with Identity theft and Securities Fraud being there newfound forte, it seems they have compromised the integrity of the very people that Govern the system, something that is necessary to pull off the latter of the two new main focuses of their efforts. Just like the way they used to work hand and hand with our politicians during the 20's, 30's, 40's and all the way up to recent times until technology dealt then a serious blow with easily placed wiretaps to record conversations in vehicles, on telephones and even within their own homes and Rico laws also hurt them. They have now infiltrated and bought the very people that are supposed to be "watching" and "policing" the Nasdaq exchange. I don't think Micheal Emen was the only poisoned apple in the barrel either and this my main concern in the outcome of the halt that will be revealed soon.

      Also I am thinking that the "fake" meeting in DC left too much doubt on the table and the FA is merely expensive "insurance" against the Nasdaq should they not lift the halt soon and my feelings are that an FA will prove very damaging in a Civil Suit that will be filed against Geo soon after the halt. "Sean" recently said the FA was not suggested by the Nasdaq so that leads me to believe that LLEN thought they could get by without it like CTEK did, but after the meeting they thought it was time to act. It is not easy to take down corruption within the system where "insider information" and the Rich reign Supreme and almost "untouchable" because it is just another case of corrupted Dirty Officials, ironically guilty of the same behavior they are in place to prevent.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • GO HAWKS!! (of course I mean HAWKEYES!)


    • EXCELLENT, BITESR, EXCELLENT!!!!!!!! Your words express my feelings 100%. I could not have written it any better. You should get lots of thumbs up for this one. Why, here comes one now!

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