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  • makemy2005 makemy2005 Jan 30, 2014 8:42 AM Flag


    You know hoppy, when you answered my post "ribbit" you reminded of a little joke. It went like this:

    A nice looking lady walks into a pet shop to buy something for her cat and she notices a small tank with a little green frog in it with a sign, "P*u*s*s*ylicking Frog". So she asks the pet shop owner about it and he tells her that the frog is very rare and special and one of a kind. She negotiates a price and takes the frog home and is very eager to try him out so she undresses and lies back on the bed and puts the frog between her legs and all the frog does is say "ribbit". So she gets angry and throws her clothes on and gets the frog and makes her way on down to the pet shop who was just getting ready to leave for the night and lock up and she says "hey mister this frog isn't performing properly". So the pet shop owner says "listen if you would like I am leaving now and I can come home with you and have a look and see what you are doing wrong". So they lock up shop and go to the lovely ladies apartment where she quickly undresses and lies back down on the bed and puts the little frog down between her legs and again all he says is "ribbit". Now the pet shop owner looks at the young lady and then fixes his eyes on the little frog and says,"listen you little basturd, move over, I'm gonna show you this one more %$#king time!"...ah..ah..ah


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    • I have decided to leave you alone, I think I get your reasoning, not crazy about it but not as bad as I first thought.

    • First bad political comments now off-color stupid jokes. Can you not stay on the real topic, Idiot.

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      • I don't know what your problem with me is but I really don't care. I figured I would break up the bickering and whining with a little humor, that's all. It seems you never have anything of value to add, only criticism of your fellow longs. It's obvious you are holding onto the political statements I made 3 days ago and if that's the truth then so be it. If you continue I will IGNORE your handle, you would be the first Long I had to ignore but whatever. I posted a very interesting post this morning about the Chinese Govt. having had developed technology that infuses the clouds with chemicals as to induce rain, did you read that? Guess not, well I thought it was very interesting and something I thought worth sharing but it seems we now prefer to attack each other and whine about the wait and whatever unknowns remain.


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