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  • lutherpstr lutherpstr Feb 6, 2014 6:43 PM Flag

    Wow...ignored so many only 4 post right now!

    And yes, the sky is blue in my world! LOL (blue is for hope)

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    • FWIW, just called the SEC and NASDAQ. Worthless organizations to say the least. No wonder why the U.S. Equity Markets are messed up and can be taken advantaged of by crooks.

      In a nutshell, LLEN is the only party of the three that is allowed to release updates as to what is going on. Need to continue to press them for updates. There is no timeframe as to how long a stock can be halted and they, SEC or NASDAQ, won't share why it is halted other than the request for more information. That said, it appears to be posivite that it continues to be halted. It means work is being done to satisfy the request. If there is clear wrongdoing, LLEN would have been tossed by the NASDAQ and reopen on the OTC Market.

      The short side, "I'm hear for entertainment #$%$", being posted here is a clear attempt to push share down at reopen. No other reason why anyone would be post on a board like this. There is a lot of short-side money to be lost and the only action to be taken by the short side is to bash away and hope shares can be bought cheap at the reopen.The higher volume of bashing speaks clearly to the urgency felt by the short side.

    • who gives a rat's #$%$ what you do or think; afraid of the truth ! stick yr head in the dirt !

    • Good to hear from you Rev, and yes an optimistic view while not easy to maintain is essential in all aspects of life. We bought the shares, we believed, the Nasdaq didn't. Now we wait as EY through the guidance of Bartlett continue or start their work to convince them. My sky remains blue also no matter how many negative posts hit the board and even as longs lose patience and complain about Sean, about not knowing if the FA has started and so on. The facts remain clear to me, LLEN has denied any wrongdoing, they have maintained their innocence and have taken the proper steps to put the accusations to rest and they have spared no expense to do it. EY is top notch, Bartlett is key and has decided to remain at the top of the investigation, and this is what calms my nerves and concerns. He is not bound to LLEN, he can walk and would have if he thought that he would one day walk away leaving a company worth pennies and his services taking a downgrade in the process. Time is passing, yes it is depressing to wait, but in the end I have no doubt that they will get trading again on the Nasdaq and better things will happen if we are willing to hold our shares. Thanks, for reminded me that things are only as good or as bad as are willing to paint them.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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