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  • makemy2005 makemy2005 Feb 24, 2014 8:06 AM Flag

    Madaniels, Cape Crusader...............

    Madaniels. you've got to be kidding me, you are living in your own little fantasyland. Now, in addition to your Caped Crusader's role of cleaning up the US Stock Exchanges by ridding them of all Chinese Stocks you now are going to sure up borders! And mirapoohcoo, you can't be that naive when it comes to how this Great America was built, can you? Me, I am the son of an Italian born father and 2nd Generation Italian mother, and I of course am proud to say that as nobody can honestly say that they experienced more abuse and racism upon entering and settling in the US of America as the Italians (Ginnys, #$%$, Greaseballs etc...etc....) of the early to mid 1900's as there were very few Equal Rights Laws in place in writing and much worse leqal rights were certainly not in the mindset of the general population of the times.
    Italians, scraped and fought, to take hard labor jobs and did not rely on public assistance to survive nor did they want to take a handout. My Grandfather worked helping to build the skyline in Manhattan as did many of my great Uncles, and he often told stories of how they dealt with great abuse and discrimination on a daily basis, but at the same time when we would cross over the 59st bridge and into Manhattan the Old Guy would gaze at the skyline with pride and a sense of accomplishment to just be a part of the great city of NY. They had no Civil Rights Leaders ready to march and fight the causes of the abused, but yet they persevered and went on to raise large tight-knit families and buy homes. But when people think of the Italians, they think of Organized Crime and associate us with illegality and corruption. It is the way it goes and I am sure you madaniels holds that view in your sick mind, be honest, am I right.

    The Chinese, have the same problem most immigrants face, they are escaping poverty and a lack of opportunity to try and live a better life. And what madaniels has said mirapoohcoo, is in fact true, CONT. Less

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    • "There are laws in place in the US that allow a Chinese woman to apply for asylum based upon having an abortion forced upon her.many provinces, people who violate China’s one child policy are only punished with fines or a loss of job. In most cases, this is not severe enough to be granted asylum in the United States. If you have suffered a harsh punishment because you violated China’s one child policy, consult with an experienced asylum attorney to see if you might qualify for asylum."

      That, I copied off the Net, and is available to all. This country needs population as most countries in Europe do, like Italy, who welcomes Africans and whoever else is willing to come upon Visa to work and do the hard labor jobs as the Italians had stopped having large families years ago and their a shortage of people willing to do these jobs. We in America are facing the same problem where families of the past as in when I was growing up had an average of 3-4 children per family and now many opt for 0! Yes many young couples today put off having kids to persue careers and focus on each other and families that are having kids are having 1.5 average, so we need an influx of people as the baby-boomers get old and drop off into retirement and as the generations age and those 1 child families grow, we need the incoming people to keep the country growing and moving forward. It is what built this Great country and always will be.

      You madaniels, are the off-spring of a more fortunate group and did not have to endure racism and abuse, so you cannot relate to it, you are just a product of your environment parroting your father's and grandfather's racist views, God help you .And so you think you are better and smarter and more American than many others, don't you? As any other person entering the US you are given a small box to fit in when it comes to applications and processing, and if one of your toes sticks out, they don't remove the toe as many would endure, they remove the person.

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