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  • llenmbjudge llenmbjudge Mar 12, 2014 2:39 PM Flag

    If there were any signs of fraud.......

    1)SIC would have spoken up
    2)Nasdaq would have not continued the constant communication with the company
    3)Board of directors would have resigned already
    4)They would have run out of money and would have not been able to continue paying the company bills
    5)They would not be committing to ER PR dates.
    6) The "real" owners of the mines would have said something.

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    • 2 more signs to add to the list- the answers to the questions below would have been NO and YES.
      (7) Have all other periodic reports required under Section 13 or 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 or Section 30 of the Investment Company Act of 1940 during the preceding 12 months or for such shorter period that the registrant was required to file such report(s) been filed? If answer is no, identify report(s). [ x ] Yes [ ] No

      (8) Is it anticipated that any significant change in results of operations from the corresponding period for the last fiscal year will be reflected by the earnings statements to be included in the subject report or portion thereof? [ ] Yes [ x ] No

    • 0) it had been halted by now

    • If there were any signs of fraud....

      You would have ignored them anyway.

      Heck, if the name of the company was "China Fraud exporters", you bagholders
      would have invested in it anyways.

      You guys buy anything related to China. Heck, some of you bought more after the first halt.
      Y'all know the saying "A fool and his money....."

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      • True as that may be clowtee, there is a reason for it.

        As the price of a stock declines below say....3 dollars, it get a influx of interest from mom and pop investors.

        They go to these stocks because for a relatively small amount of money invested, they can get a lot more shares. They don't know how to do extensive DD much less read a 8K or 10K or search for other reports on edgar.

        They come to these boards where people post positive comments on a stock and they get misinformed as to the state of the company and totally miss all the negative press and the research done by people to get the other side of the story in order to make a informed decision..and they know little about accounting so when they read a 10K it is meaningless gibberish except for the cash and the revenue. they never read the notes.

        So they just don't know better..

    • 1)SIC would have spoken up(They may not want to associate their names, embarrassment)(there will be no report if delisted)
      2)Nasdaq would have not continued the constant communication with the company(Are they in "Constant communication..??)
      3)Board of directors would have resigned already(One Did, Datwhani)
      4)They would have run out of money and would have not been able to continue paying the company bills(Ironbridge)(payroll in shares for management, remember?)
      5)They would not be committing to ER PR dates. (Have they??)
      6) The "real" owners of the mines would have said something. (Why would they/\?)

      Sorry just does not look good at all. Grasping at straws, investors left in the what a way to run a business.

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      • This is a Coal Business, not Social Website you moron. Yesterday you said there would be no ER, what will you say after the release? Who is grabbing for straws? You, the only Long that sure acts like a Short, wait a minute if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, guess what? And what has your Mommy's broker said lately? Datwani left, Bartlett stayed on, I keep reiterating that here but nobody seems to get exactly how important that is, if all was not well, EY would know by now and would have left and the NAZ would have issued the Delist Letter and you would not have another ER, what the hell for? You are the one grabbing for straws hoopty, you and your short position you sucker!

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    • 1. that's utter nonsense because the SIC knows very little
      2. that's not material. The NASDAQ is still waiting for answers or you would not be halted.
      3. BOD members have resigned..but they are in the dark too, and the reasons stated by the twoof the most recent resignations inferred that they were in the dark or were being ignored.
      4. They have run out of money as they have been trading equity for debt. Filings showing cash notwithstanding.
      5.They generally do not stop filing until they are in a position where they cannot file, that is forced on them by the SEC. That has not happened yet and won't until after the results of the Nasdaq investigation.
      6. That is absurd. The real owners of the mines are the Chinese and always have been. The same is true for every Chinese equity as no outsider can directly own any Chinese assets especially resources. Your so called ownership is indirect so you don't actually own the mines. You own securities created for the purpose of a joint financial transaction. Essentially a JV through a offshore holding company, LLEN's BVI located in the Virgin Islands that owns securities in a WFOE in China. So what you own is in a filing cabinet.

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      • Let's not confuse facts with opinions
        1. How do you know what the SIC knows or doesn't know? You don't. Unless you have non public info in which case please cite your source. Thought so.
        2. Once again, an opinion. Has Nasdaq confirmed to you they're still waiting on answers? Didn't think so. Truth is, no one here knows. Unless of course you have non public info disputing this.
        3. Hey you got 1 right. BOD members HAVE resigned. 1 for 3 so far.
        4. So they are out of cash? Please site your source for this.
        5. You're sooo bad at this.
        6. This is basically correct so I'll give you this one. 2 for 6, hey that's good in baseball, but not for stocks.

        Please stop claiming you're posting facts when clearly this is only your opinion.

      • Shut TF up and get ready to cover Maddy! ah..ah..ah

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