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  • bigtexsanantonio123 bigtexsanantonio123 Mar 17, 2014 8:32 PM Flag

    Unhalt Price

    Based on what came out today, assuming this level of earnings and the bigger issue of unhalting the stock, do you think the price would resume trading at more or less than the last price of $1.68? Thanks

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    • Well I've been earning 15% on my 70 K long shares which Fidelity lent to shorts. Given my concern that it will be a long time before they pay a dividend my strategy will be to sell near the open to the naked shorts who have probably been paying 30% and are likely to bump the price up @ the re-open

    • I will buy as much as I can afford under $1.70

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    • Based on TODAY ONLY...based on the softness in coal....based on the fact the best earnings quarters are not coming up (summer)....based on the accusations and dilution.....RIGHT NOW with china stocks in coal not having a high PE....1.68 would be generous.......BUT.....and it is a BIG BUT.....

      IF LLEN makes good on expanding capacity very quickly (which would mean 6 times the production of this quarter next year at this time) AND washing ramps back up......BOTH OF WHICH ARE GIVEN AS TARGETS WITH CLEAR DEADLINES.....then once the dust settles we would mover strongly and surely up from here.and should go over 5 which would then bring in some larger funds. Not saying this would happen....but it is what is being put out there.


      PS. I am willing to stand corrected by any HOPEFUL longs out there! LOL Even those with CYBER knowledge or someone with the wisdom of an LLEN JUDGE!

    • mitchpit11 Mar 17, 2014 8:45 PM Flag

      Much, much more....+100% easily ...

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