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  • investrman investrman Apr 1, 2014 8:18 AM Flag

    Update RE: TD brokerage & speaking to Nasdaq Police

    Yesterday we spoke with Nasdaq after seeing several weird things going on with our owned LLEN stock in past weeks. In simple form this is what they told us. Also note, they informed us their internal Compliance "police" are now looking into TD Ameritrade based on our information we supplied them regarding this whole LLEN matter.

    Nasdaq States:

    1. LLEN is onyly in an informational halt for our exchange and has not been delisted, unregistered or eliminated in any manner.

    2. The SEC public release has only to do with an Officer in that corp Lee), but in no way has anything to do with other aspects of that corporation which still is duly registered (as are all their shares of stock) and in business and operating in all other areas of compliance.

    3. As an investor who purchased LLEN shares, you have ownership in that company, and thus, your shares and your position has value as well, irregardless of this informational halt. Your shares ARE property owned and nobody can dictate what happens to those except you.

    4. For your brokerage (TD) to eliminate said ownership/value from your account by artificially making its value to "0", showing you taking financial loss from your share purchase price of onwership, when it is in a halt, is improper and not legal, and only you, holding that value in said company has the legal power to direct those shares whether to sell them or do otherwise- not for the brokerage to arbitrarily do as they wish without your permission.

    5. Red flag has popped up now as to why TD did this to your account as the stock is in a halt, has not traded, so its last price of 1.68 stands, and there is no way the stock can be "0" because we have not released said halt on it to trade on the open market yet.

    6. There is no SEC enforcement action occuring or in process regarding this stock, as it is duly registered and legally available to be invested into. Once halt is lifeted, it will continue to trade as normal.


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    • Ok mr investman since this illinformed person you spoke with knows so damn much ,go ahead and sell your shares ! Go ahead and price them at 1.68 . You are one stupid idiot !

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Sec already sued based on allegations llen lied to gain compliance. That makes pts 2 and 6 invalid. Sec sued llen, the company. Sec has filed a civil case...that a first step, in a damning process, which leaves the company in a corner.would be interesting to see who you spoke at nasdaq.... So, if the sec wins the case, you think llen will remains in compliance....interesting....nit logical, but interesting...

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      • Everything he posted was canned reply or FYI language from the NASDAQ and not very specific to LLEN.

        He even misunderstands that the $1.68 price for LLEN shares is a nominal value, (in name only) and means nothing at all. Nor does the Yahoo $1.26.

        Since the shares cannot be traded, there is no price discovery. Without price discovery there in no "real" value. The idea that TD Ameritrade is stealing money or shares from customer accounts in ludicrous on it's face.

        I believe it is being done as AGITPROP, or propaganda to incite a crowd or group. It is the same with the "racist" accusations against the Nasdaq and SEC, and some posters here on the board. Add to that all the kook conspiracy nonsense with MM's and evil short sellers and you have a perfect storm.

        What we are dealing with here is a person who works in the public relations field and knows how to push emotional buttons to get reactions. Reminds me of a labor union organizer....same thing, or same thug.

        Just a guess on my part, but there is a definite motivation behind all of this and it's not to help general shareholders. It's to help one individual or firm. Just a matter of time before there is a hat passed around for some cash to do some specific task that just must be done.." right away"

        I might warn investors that common shareholders have never been able to influence the management of LLEN. In fact, it has been the other way around. Lee, by force of his personality and the help of hired organizers, has controlled the shareholder votes to his favor. Regardless of the issue. He is the gatekeeper and the source of all. Without LEE there is no LLEN.

        Keeping all this in mind, my guess is that as soon as Lee gets some rest and gets back to the office, the entire organization will begin to fall apart like a K-mart suit over several months... Most of these things do but usually not before they have done financial and emotional damage to a lot of people.

    • Appreciate the info!

    • Awesome update!! Thanks

    • invest, thanks, and just curious as to why you have not joined the NEW BOARD, there is info there from yesterday about an important meeting via phone between Luthr and a company Director and it is valuable info to all shareholders. All you need is a gmail account and I will enroll you if interested. Just as this info you shared here, your input has shown significant value in the past and we would appreciate your joining.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Thanks!

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