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  • mrhooptyjanky mrhooptyjanky Apr 15, 2014 2:50 PM Flag

    Which do you think is worse: JRCC or LLEN

    One going bankrupt, and the other morally bankrupt....I snuck into the Hoprwetradeagain board and found out Li is going to breakout of prison and save the company.... they are going to make it into an international TV Series..

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    • definitely LLEN...JRCC is still mining and supplying jobs.

    • mitchpit11 Apr 15, 2014 3:22 PM Flag

      Morally bankrupt is of no significance. What is morality today?

      Look around you and above you, you'll see many morally bankrupt entities.
      Once you put a $ as a value of everything, as Ayn Rand proposed and elites adopted, then concepts like
      morality are useless.

      If all that Lee did was forging of few signature, that pales in comparison with other screwups in high
      corridors of power. Maybe in the end, Lee was just an overly ambitious, but flawed and naive guy.

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      • I do agree with you, Mitch. It is a messed up world.

      • Ayn Rand was interesting lady and mind, but not for modern civilized society. Even marooned
        on a desert island, several people would cooperate rather than every man for himself, unless mentallty crazy like the Russian cannibal guy,....I think his name is Putin.

      • Rand was a Atheist.

        Hoop's comment was made as Christian from Christian beliefs that essentially bond societies laws to the Christian moralities , as in the ten commandments from which they originated in such documents as the Magna Carta. . I don't even think that this is arguable.

        Although I share many of Rand's opinions about the human character and individualism, I don't apply them as absolutes as apparently you have done here.

        In effect you are saying that the root of all evil is money!

        "Once you put a $ as a value of everything, as Ayn Rand proposed and elites adopted, then concepts like
        morality are useless. "

        If you believe that, then what are you doing here, participating in what is essentially a casino. If you are correct in your assertion, then the idea or concept of money is inherently immoral and thus should be illegal, and eliminated from society.

        A idea espoused by many Communists and a idea that has been the subject of indoctrination in our Colleges and has been trickling down into K-12 education. A idea given much fanfare in books and Hollywood movies, particularly the science fiction genre like the Star trek franchise..

        Again I would ask......What are you doing here?

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