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  • geosgone geosgone Apr 16, 2014 10:07 PM Flag


    PIATT: Hi Daddy Madaniels, see my little monkey a*s*s* and tail?

    MADANIELS: No piatt, but I can sure smell it you gamey little beeeatch!

    PIATT: HA HA! I Love when you talk dirty....EEE...EEE...EEE

    PIATT: DADDY, Should I try and make up a phony name and join Hope's NEW BOARD?

    MADANIELS: Don't bother son, he is checking position sheets and you won't fool him.

    PIATT: But Daddy, we are like the only two people left here...EEE...EEE....EEE

    MADANIELS: Shut the flock up and sit on my knee you idiot.

    PIATT: OK Daddy can I hold your horn while you bounce me again.EEE.EEE

    MADANIELS: Please do you little freak.

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    • How many F'n fake aliases do you have?

      F'n freak of nature, you are...

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      • splicer; noun, a device used to hold two sections of motion-picture film, recording tape, etc., in proper alignment, being spliced together.
        You, an electrician, oh excuse me,* Master Electrician*, who thinks he knows anything and everything,including predicting what underlies a case where no one will EVER know the finest details,whether they be minor miscarriages of justice fueled by cultural twists of Regional Law or whether they entail a deep thought out plot designed to mislead investors by inconclusive deception. DL has stumped the NAZ, and you madaniels are far from capable of even licking Lee's toilet seat and telling the world that there most likely was some fecal matter present,because you can taste it. Chinese Law leaves too much undocumented,and it relies more on simple checks and balances than US law in relation to JV's and partnerships.
        Madaniels,Master Mind,Master Electrician&Master Baiter,a fool who fishes for fraud with naked hooks,following the dirty underwear of Chinese co's trading in the US because you lost a good portion of your savings day trading PUDA and you are now getting even and settling the score by pretending to know it ALL from International Law to the"truth"of what lies between the handshakes and side deals the Chinese call "co-operating"in daily business practices.Fact is there is no"crime" without a body.Authorities here have been unable to find one because they lack the confessions and self destructive disclosure that would prove one,and unfold a plot to deceive and falsify an actual business model and therefore deem the revenues, receipts, and all accounts paid as fraudulent. There has been no proof the material evidence is fake and deposits non-existent, no confessions of Bank Officials,only people like you,producing poor quality cell phone videos of supposed "Officials" and Plant workers or "watchers"...ah...ah.."Roll em"..So go ahead mads, enjoy your fame here you has been, washed up brokeass wire bending fool. ah...EEE!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Sad existence hope.

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