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  • hotguy5334 hotguy5334 Apr 18, 2014 3:54 PM Flag


    ALL longs are still waiting for ANY short/basher to state 100% for sure that they have evidence of FRAUD that would hold up in a court of law TODAY.
    Make your claim or else cease and desist until it plays out in either a court of law or from PR's with proven documentation.
    You bashers are just trying to scare the longs so it will not open up above $1.00.
    With a solid business plan and new CEO and allegations refuted the company may trade at over $2.00 in less than 6 months or be a takeover target and you know this.
    Keep up the scare tactics which will not work on the 108 longs on the other board !
    GO ON TAKE THE CHALLENGE and state even ONE fraudulent fact PROVEN at this point aside from a prior filing in 2008/2009.

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    • but the company can not refute the allegations. a forensic audit may have. but their forensic audit would have proved them guilty, so they killed it and offered excuses. and that is why you will see no results from the forensic audit refuting any allegations. it has been 7 months since the geo report and llen still can not prove their revenue was real. lee booked millions of revenue from mines that were not even operating. llen has not and can not refute these allegations. ask llen to show any results from the forensic audit. that is the one big thing that could have gave them some proof of refuting the allegations for the court and they decided to not proceed with the forensic audit. very telling. have you ever asked llen why they have absolutely offered no proof at all that the revenue from the mines and hongxin was real. 7 months, no proof. should be easy to do. just complete the forensic audit for starters. of course they will not because it will convict them. nasdaq gave them more than 4 months to prove themselves. they could not. people have waited for 7 months for press releases from the company proving themselves. they can not. solid business plan. they are basically broke. why do you think all the creditors after finally giving up on getting paid sold all their past due debt to ironridge, and llen still could not pay them. and if their faked financials are at all true, they have $75 million in current liabilites with much of it way over 6 months old. it grew $8 million in just the last 3 month reporting period. current liabilities are normally due in 1 year or less and many of these are very old. have you asked them what monopoly money they are going to use to pay these. if they are real. you got scammed.

    • Lee signed a document with intent to show a person as an officer of the company was in agreement with the financial statement. Fraud.

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      • NOTHING has been PROVEN yet, just alleged.
        I asked to name from 1 to 99 the facts you have about fraud that would hold up in a court of law today.
        You still have ZERO.
        This is why the shorts/bashers refuse to answer my posts.
        While anything is still possible they are using scare tactics and nothing more since there still is NO PROOF.
        GO ON STATE IT IF YOU KNOW FOR SURE, not just alleged.
        The longs are banding together and with the proper PR's (not guaranteed) you the BASHERS may lose BOG TIME when this trades on the OTC within the next few weeks.
        Try and sleep well if at all possiible !

    • As I said, like 500 times now,,

      The evidence, by whatever means, is not required to hold up in a criminal court of law, with the exception of the Lee criminal case.

      All other cases, SEC, Federal class actions, and regulatory actions do not require the same burden of proof by the accuser.

      The burden is on LLEN to prove it's legitimacy.

      It has not yet done so.

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