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  • hopewillhelpyou hopewillhelpyou Apr 23, 2014 9:25 PM Flag


    You two idiots scared quite a few people into selling LLEN on MONDAY. After 5 months of bashing and screaming fraud from taxes to fake mine and revenues, you two #$%$ caused quite a few people to sell when they saw the Grey market numbers Monday morning. I hope your happy. Hoopty was one of them and has not posted today at all because he sick to his stomach to see LLEN at 60 cents when he sold it for 30 cents. Here is piatts Monday post:

    piatt1234567 • Apr 21, 2014 5:09 PM Flag


    they were a scam. they do not have access to $8 million. why do you think they could not pay their bills and got sued. the company could not even pay lee back his $800,000 and he sold it to ironridge who had bought up a lot of other defaulted debt from creditors of llen. now this will drift down towards .08 a share or less in the near future. Less

    So, great work stock genius. This is why we formed the BIG get away from you idiots and share facts, not fantasy. I am almost even....members of the board combined to buy 200,000 shares at about 30 cents average, and it was all in concert of solid DD and planning, a work of art. A plan in motion that actually worked and I fully believe our group had a profound effect on the stock.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Here my call on the expected Share price....I was too

      Reply to LLEN will likely trade in OTC Market tomorrow (April/18). by b0tt0mf1sh1ng •Apr 17, 2014 10:53 AM

      madaniels57 • Apr 17, 2014 2:34 PM Remove

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      Well...lbj, I always try to be objective, but you are quite accurate in describing my biases with these types of stocks.

      On your first point:

      If they were actually able to do that, they would be trading on the NASDAQ today.

      As to a new CEO, yes they will have to appoint one, to be later voted on in a SGM.

      I have already commented a few times on what I expect the trading to do, but I will do it again...

      I expect volatility and heavy volume to begin with. With volatility comes large deviations from what it will be when it settles, which I would expect to take about 4-5 weeks.

      After it settles I would expect the SP to be in the $1.00 +- range, maybe 20% one way or the other..although I have acquaintances who think I am too optimistic. Initially I see the selling overcoming the buying and short covering but I don't see the stock crashing below 50 cents...and I don't see the volatility taking it over 2 bucks..

      So my forecast seems to take me (after the volatility) to the 1 dollar range unless and until LENN either continues to report, or finds it's self in the now very common situation where it needs to do restatements and cannot do so for a variety of reasons...

      But that bridge has yet to be crossed and I don't expect anything to happen until after the Lee trial and the SEC begins to litigate it's case and we find out if further investigations create new charges sometime months perhaps a year or more down the road. We also have the issue with Lee being out permanently, if this company can continue to survive at all with these headwinds.

      So even in the dollar range for the SP, this ticker is a huge risk trade.. Less

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      • I made that call, of course, prior to that stupidly managed open on the grey markets. A problem that had a solution but nobody at LLEN lifted a finger to prevent it. (probably because they had no experienced advisors retained for this) The inhouse counsel was obviously of no help. Barlett was apparently not there and Nick must have been fishing.

        Anyway.....long story short, anyone selling at 30 cents was simply panicking out and the shorts were buying them up. Had it not opened that way, it never would have breached 50 cents..

        Not something I expected or applauded. Just another crummy mess caused by...........


      • So go blow your nose in someone else's hankie.....

    • they did not cause this to fall, and you and your crew did not cause this to rise. This stock is being played by forces beyond even the company's control. How does it feel to be trading a stock where the company cannot positively affect the narrative for the foreseeable future? I don't have the cojones. I prefer goog and aapl

    • Whine and Cheese anyone....??


      You are being absolutely absurd....If you had taken my advice you would have sold this #$%$ for 5 bucks..

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