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  • mitchpit11 Apr 23, 2014 10:39 PM Flag

    2 Million New Shares Shorted!!! no avail....nothing helps in keeping the price down: Geo, NBD, additional 2M shorted shares in the last 3 is over for shorts...
    tables are turning, now shorts are running desperate...
    LLEN is on the rise, expect $1 by Friday and massive short squeeze next week.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • funny they had to go over to china to reassure employees and customers and cancel the forensic audit to use as their defense if innocent. after all, they have $8 million, plenty to finish the audit. and put robinson in charge of it. and besides, they are in operational control of the mines, so they can have their fake managers just reassure the employees. it is bs. might be that lee scammed a lot of the executives at the company and they thought it was all real and they are going to china to meet with the union energy people who will lay out their true agreement and find out at best they own a little equity or at worst nothing. so even if they try and report financials in the future, they would have to be booked as a passive investment because they never were in operational control of the mines that were not even producing last year.

    • Grizley trap!! Got cha!! Short interest increasing by 30% and price doubling. Trap.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Proof L&L is fake: Never any dividends and board of directors resigned, plus Lee is a sneaky CPA who
      knows how to cook the books with phony loans which he can take tax lost for more IRS money to him

    • Shorts need GEO to release #3 article to cover their #$%$...ring ring....ring.... sloppy investigations done by Sep 27, further details ..... no update .....need help of NBD ..... ring ring.....ring

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