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  • hopewillhelpyou hopewillhelpyou Apr 27, 2014 12:20 PM Flag

    *****STILL STANDING*****

    How is it that LLEN is still standing. ALL those missing taxes...ah....fake revenues...ah.....fake wash plants......ah...ah......and all the fresh money that poured into it from Monday to Friday...WHY??? I will tell you why. Because real investors with REAL MONEY realize that the SEC and the NAZ looked as deep as you can go without digging a hole and coming up in the backyard of the Hong Xing wash plant and seeing for themselves if they were washing laundry or coal...ah..ah. Let's face it, if this was a fake company, it would not have been upgraded by the NAZ to OTCQB, and gotten two Analyst Upgrades last week also. If you come to these threads to help you to decide if you should BUY-HOLD-SELL.....YOUR NUTS!

    You have a mix of sociopaths, psychopaths and morons here, all trying be a better version of Cramer!!! ah..ah! Remember Cramer put a strong buy on PUDA just before it imploded, so if you think Cramer is smarter than some of the self-proclaimed stock guru's that troll the YMB, well then you probably sold your LLEN at a loss either Monday or Tuesday. Some sold Monday, around 30 cents, no names but I know of three, all were scared to lose it all because of reading the Last Rights performed by our Board Monkeys in fake Clergymen garb. So, you saw it run furiously over a dollar and, I could have made a ton.....well I bought at .25 and dropped my average to under a buck and I was green Friday and closed just a bit short at the end of the day, down a pinch.

    I was called an idiot and it was said I would be labeled one due to my past support of LLEN over the past 6 months....numerous posts about Hope this...Hope that...nasty ones....even crude remarks that have not been forgotten. So, in ending, the Idiot is going to BUY more if the price is right. Remember the first witch hunt that ended in a dismissal of charges? LLEN will escape the signature ones also in Civil Court when Mr. Lee mans up and cops and plea. ah!


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • ^^ correct + i also think that we longs are much better off than before because of all the info shared on the new long gmail message group/board that you started w other longs. which also makes llen stock stronger since we represent over 5% of the shares

    • I hope you are right, Hope. But remember, super-detective Piatt is still on the case. He's a combination of Sam Spade, Mike Hammer, Columbo and Superman. Piatt will tie up all the loose ends in the incompetent GEO reports. I think he will also be able to prove that Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Greenjeans were behind the Kennedy assassination. He will prove that they hypnotized Lee Harvey Oswald with their sinister TV show.

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