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  • hopewillhelpyou hopewillhelpyou Jul 25, 2014 7:49 AM Flag


    Clearly, if you invested in LLEN, you lost. Just how long you held on is what defines and finalizes the scope of that loss. Myself? When it re-opened on OTC and dropped from 1.68 to 25 cents I doubled down making my cost about 90 cents. I then sold at almost 70 cents, losing about 30% of my investment. I shared this amongst friends as I did it on the PRIVATE BOARD. WHY? I sold because LLEN became way too quiet and the risk was magnified with every fresh strike from Geo, every new charge from authorities and most important the lack of repudiation from the company at a certain point, and at that point it was clear to me it was time to create an exit strategy and act on it when the opportunity arose.

    Did I learn something here? Of course, I am not buying any more Chinese stocks that are merely built on speculation, and a good majority are, so that rules out about 95% of them, the other 5% still scare me.

    Is this the first bad investment I have made? Clearly not. I have been investing for a long time and have had my share, and I am not ashamed because it comes with the territory and all the self-proclaimed geniuses in the world, BBB and the like, all had theirs, if in fact they are actually investors, and of that I am not quite sure because THIS is the only thread he posts and there are others like him who are just enjoying other's misfortune and Karma and Life itself will deal them their share of defeat and pain and so I am not impressed or discouraged by their banter one bit.

    So, dust yourself off, and depending where you jumped off this trainwreck, choose more wisely next time and ALWAYS have an exit strategy when the smoke has become thicker than the sight of the prize. Never dig your heels in and absorb the full impact, even lightening up your position at a point is wise, but IMO in this case a total exit was the wisest. GL ALL.

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