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  • lutherpstr lutherpstr Aug 17, 2014 5:50 PM Flag


    LLEN is clearly at the bottom of the 9th with no runs, down by a bunch and two outs. I would say there is very little hope at this point BUT....and yes, that is a VERY qualified "but"....our PR person has put out information that if the fine is not excessive to the company...they are on track to be a consolidation size in 2015. One would think, if indeed there is an ongoing investigation (and I think there might be)....and given Mr. Lee in the brink....that the spokesperson would be putting such info out (which is really nothing more than what they have stated all along) other words...they do own the mines, they are mining coal, they are expanding capacity, and they must therefore be selling coal. Now, could they shut down? YES Could mines be idled because of nearby accidents, YES Could the finds or other legal problems cause them to now have the cash to operate, YES......but....are they a complete and utter lie? Does not seem like it.


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    • But.....Hope Will Help You!! ROTFLMAO!!!

    • greetings, pastor....good to see you have given a very logical and sensible appraisal of the situation....something I don't usually see here, most of the discourse centers on digestive problems and racial slurs...ah ah ah.....I hope the "fines" do not become an issue...I don't think the government really has a case against the company...Lee falsified the signatures on his director became aware of it after the one else knew anything, as far as we know.....I hope the company defends itself vigorously....

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