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  • onetfxpro onetfxpro Nov 14, 2008 10:04 AM Flag

    Kenosha TFX

    It seems that the current team lead by M.M. is getting desperate now; they must be finally noticing the loss of all of the experience that left. Now they are trying to get the employees back and offering up to $40/hr for Swiss operators that went down the road. I wonder if the current operators are making that much. It sure would be nice to see the others enjoy that same pay. When these people left they only made ½ of that, wow did TFX wake up or are they just still hanging on? The real issue is that the way people are treated will not change, no amount of money in the world would make any sensible person go in for money and work in that environment

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    • Kenosha,

      I now totaly understand where you are coiming from! TFX will never understand small business! The plant I work at is at its lowest moral ever! I will soon be an ex TFX employee and it's a shame I used to like my job and enjoyed working there before TFX F### everything up. The Arrow acq was a major F#### that we all are paying for. This company blocks all access to this board from it's company computers because they don't want us talking. My frustration is over and I need to move on, I wish everyone that still works at my plant the best of luck but it's time for me to move on!

    • well-looks like berinni really desroyed that place. Look at who they are trying to hire, HR people for all their plants? what does the chick at the Kenosha HQ do all day? I am guessing servicing the dysfunctional berinni team. Well, more proof you can't throw people at problems. The whole sales team up an left a year ago, and now they are really in trouble. Ortho market softness could really make for a bad quarter 3. Don't be fooled as they are making instruments for Pilling at the expense of customer capacity.

    • These boards have been awfully quiet with some of the recent news of the firing of mid-managers in Kenosha. I know things are bad in Kenosha, but not that bad.
      Is TFX dumping personnel in order to make the bottom line more attractive to sell the Kenosha facility along with the Beere and KMedic product lines? Now that the Kenosha facility is supplying the Pilling/Weck lines, TFX can commit to a prospective buyer that, at least, one customer -P/W- won't walk away from them. For now.

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      • TFX is in for a MAJOR directional shift! The company is currently showing modest financial growth. However, this is mainly due to sell-off of assets, and not an increase in sales. The medical sector, which has been the cash cow, is in a downward freefall, and when our government gets into the healthcare pay to play, profits will be at the whim of the feds...get out now!!!

    • What are the long-term plans for the Kenosha facility ? It sounds like a short-term desperation move by TFX that may only back-fire with their existing manufacturing workforce as well as those considering going back ? What about 100% paid health benefits, overtime availability, 10% employee profit-sharing, 3% company match, and family vs. "corporate" work environment ? How do these figure in to the equation ? Corporate America is reeling and if you haven't checked the TFX stock lately, maybe you should and consider where the next consolidation & cuts will take place within the organization ? No one in Kenosha is completely secure & you're kidding yourself if you think JB, The Board & Corporate Shareholders or MM truly care about you, your family, or anything other than the bottom-line. Ask RR, he's been the last one out to close the door & turn off the lights more than once in his career.

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      • Well - I am out. Can't ride this one down any farther. I am reading things are going poorly for the east coast operations. medical mangement in NC has lost most of the long term talent. Arrow continues to drag on the TFlex organization and there is a facility in the Boston area that has been a revolving door of zero output or product development. TFlex has turned over the sales department twice in two years. Gray sheets keep listing FDA problems and now there is a major product line move away from hospital instrumentation.

        I really do not know what these people are doing. Are they even focusing on running a business or lining executive pockets? I just don't think the management is focusing on making good products anymore. I wish I knew what the distraction is. This used to be a good stock. I hung on too long. Lesson learned - don't get emotional about a stock.

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