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  • datekrookiefrommars datekrookiefrommars Jan 21, 2002 12:11 PM Flag

    Enron was a indirect holder

    This whole thing seems like a scam. Why does it appear that every company that has bought or indicated they would buy a TSR bought stock first.

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    • Who knows the way Enron was going after different Companys maybe they were eyeing Avici for a takeover but everything fell apart.Enron was also a major customer for Avici.I wonder if Avici has any Receivables due from Enron before they declared bankruptcy.
      >>We expect that in the foreseeable future, substantially all of our revenue will continue to depend on sales of our TSR to
      current customers and a limited number of potential new customers. Generally, these customers are not contractually
      committed to purchase any minimum quantities of products from us. Enron Broadband Services and Williams
      Communications have agreed to future minimum purchases of the TSR and follow-on features totaling $45.0 through the
      end of the second quarter of 2002. Deployment of the TSR is dependant upon the successful completion of field trials
      with these customers. Additionally, Qwest Communications has agreed to an undisclosed minimum purchase and is
      currently conducting a field trial. The TSR has been deployed by AT&T and the Company and AT&T have entered into
      a three year procurement agreement which describes the conditions under which AT&T may acquire equipment from the
      Company. The agreement has no minimum purchase commitment associated with it.<<