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  • howardmorris howardmorris Mar 10, 2009 10:20 AM Flag

    Where's this going?

    Riley, on the top of every page (right hand side) there is a link "Message Board Settings." You can undo your ignore list at that link.

    But I'm kind of suprised that goutah elicits such a strong response from you. Our differences are in timelines, not fundamentals. Goutah and I both want to make money on this stock...and so do you. We only differ on HOW MUCH money. Goutah thinks the product is worth millions for many years to come. Add that to a low float, low share price, low interest from the Street, low volume, etc, etc, and you can easily see a tremendous up-side. IF this product hits I can turn a few grand$$$ into...well...a lot more than a few grand$$$.

    I think he and I both understand that you're satisfied with a quick double so you move on to more Maalox moments; we've just chose to be a little more stress free. But I promise we're not trying to stir you up so you have to upgrade your Maalox to Valium. I think we can just agree to disagree while realizing that LOSING money on this stock will be hard to do?

    As for horse manure boy, he never made it out of the starting gate. My ignore list now has 3 names on it.

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    • I am on the fence regarding a cash return or continuing the development of the PNC.

      My main reason for wanting the cash is the departure of Larry Dennison, due to differences in the strategic direction of SOAP. An early founder leaving mid-cycle does make me question the validity of the PNC product.

      On the flip side, my reason for supporting continued development is I think the PNC product just makes sense in the market. SOAP was wrong about the PBT market, but I think this was an industry mistake. Once PNC is developed for MPLS, there will be a market out there. It's not a question of if a target market exists, but rather will this target use the PNC. It just seems, to me, a software product that helps monetize services of very expensive network hardware is something carriers would welcome. I lack the technical background to say this with any level of conviction, but if there is someone on this board with a better technical understanding of why the PNC would or would not be welcomed by providers, I would like to hear his opinion.

      GL to all.