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  • Howie58 Howie58 Mar 11, 2002 7:36 AM Flag

    Failure of Recovery for Stocks $10


    I am tenured professor at a major Southeastern University and have better things to do with my time than "bash."

    I invite you to read the article yourself per instructions in the last post.

    Disconfirming evidence is painful for true believers. From both personal and humane perspectives, I would like to see NEOT succeed. Presently the market place is saying otherwise, and I have found the sudden price decline to be rather disturbing, particularly in light of a recent patent that ostensibly signifies recognition of valued intellectual property right.

    Bottom line--I am entitled to my view, like it or not. As for $10 stocks--ask yourself why many fiduciaries are precluded from buying them?

    I wish you and all others on this board good luck in all endeavors, including the market.


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    • :-) There, professor, does that make my post easier for you to understand. Sorry I omitted that crucial part.

    • articles like that, they usualy use the SP500 is the guide its probably true that of stocks that hve made it to the SP 500 then drop below 10 rarely make back, But consider ORACLE, or SUNw for exapmle.

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      • dbl-wide:

        So noted. Per last comment, I am not here to bash.

        My experience with low-priced biotech has not been very good. During the mania of 18 months ago, I did well; otherwise no.

        Class of stock notwithstanding, as a long-time investor NEOT's share price "behavior" is strange. It's one thing for bad news to cut a stock by half or more, as was the the case with Sepracor last week. Here we see a sharp decline with seemingly no bad news and blinded experiment without leaks. This disturbs me.


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