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  • pkarnett pkarnett Apr 3, 2012 6:10 PM Flag

    When will the buyout be announced?


    There is now way four Japanese companies were looking to just "partner" with SPPI for Zevalin. No one is going to partner that drug and have to split revenues 3 ways. The Japanese yen is strong and I read a few articles that Japanese companies are hot on healthcare acquisitions. SPPI does not have the resources to push this drug worldwide. I believe it was WRB who said a company approached SPPI saying they would be interested in a buyout if they got worldwide rights for Z. While WRB blows a ton of hot air and can't be believed, this actually seems reasonable. It makes no sense for a little company to get worldwide rights for this drug. But if a large pharma were to buy SPPI, they certainly would want all the rights. It makes sense. A partnership only does not make sense for anyone.

    So now that the worldwide rights deal has closed, when will the buyout be announced?

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    • Earlier today you asserted that Zevalin is a commercial bust...

      IN the evening you speculate that a large pharmaceutical firm would be interested in buying Spectrum to get worldwide rights to Zevalin...

      How do you reconcile these two statements?

    • your post you state " a japanese big pharma buyout of sppi corp would make sense to you,,,, if sppi corp did in fact acquire worldwide rights to zevalin"..............and in fact, sppi did so acquire and in fact, pk you did pose the question when will the japanese bp buyout sppi corp.

      based on your logic recreated above........ do you, pk, not therefore make an assumption that sppi is a valuable commodity, on a worldwide basis ? if yes, then why not release a post to the effect that the zevalin relaunch effort by sppi corp,,,, is likely to make sppi corp a huge amount of revenue for a long time to come.........
      pk, u do point out that a small co like sppi cant logistically handle zevalin sales worldwide. but there are alternatives other than selling sppi corp outright, to a japanese big pharma , especially at this pt in time when even you acknowledge the current sppi pps does not factor in at all, the value of eoquin, belinostat, and the rest of the sppi pipeline.
      pk, you issued a post in response to poster 'rv' in which you mocked the sppi "relaunch" efforts w/r to zevalin and you willfully did not acknowledge that the relaunch just commenced a little after fda decision on the two scans formerly required by fda. THIS IS BIG. no ???. DO you disagree that it is not fair to judge sppi on its zevalin relaunch efforts until the end of 2012 ? the sales force needs time to explain the recent fda bioscan decision, to highlight the latest ASH data w/r to zevalin, and to present the argument that the doctor will NOT lose patients to the other doctor administering the radioactive element. further, salesforce must show dr. he will get all individual codes applicable , in fact will be payable to the doctor. this all takes time.end of 2012 time. maybe early 2013. IF YOU REPRESENT THAT YOU are only invested in sppi for prospect of a near term sale of sppi,,,, that sounds like bad investment strategy to me. i have seen absolutely zero biopharma mb wherein the posters do not think their company is ripe for takeover.

    • It seems this is a likely scenario. Your details make sense. There has to be big bios wanting this. Revenue, no debt, pipeline, and continue growth.

    • where did you see the Japanese announcement today....I think that this is imminent.

      Last thing that I heard was that the Japanese wanted to pay nor more than 21 per share which was right before we spiked to 16.....

      I believe that we will have more clarity in next 10 days....They also say don't short a dull market ....Thsi has been trading like a dull stock

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