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  • hneiman May 24, 2012 6:14 PM Flag

    The shorts are in a tough spot. To exit

    in any great numbers they are being forced to by the stock in order to return it. They are creating their own squeeze play. They are waiting for the collapse of the market so as the stock falls they can exit. Any sought of good news or a good qtrly report will destroy the shorts.

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    • Oddly enough, I really can't get teary-eyed about the possible difficulties confronting shorts. Being long has been a nightmare all year thanks to shorts, leaks and Raj's unethical and possibly illegal actions. He has done us no favors, but sure has feathered his own nest.

      We've been in a tough spot all year and still are. With an eps of +$1.35, and we still struggle to stay over $11? And, three FDA approved drugs on the market. IMO, there must be something dreadful we do not see.

      If not, please tell me how another biotech with no drugs on the market and an eps of MINUS $1.01 closed Thursday at $16.77.
      If the price was reversed, that would make a modicum of sense.

      With each passing day, the image of the Titanic sinking into the Nevada desert becomes more vivid.

    • home-less on the street - no food - will work for food - did you save your sign ??

    • the short interest has gone from incredible to unreal.

      the change in the Teva timeline for gen L return (until late 2012 early 2013) was common knowledge on the 10th and these short numbers run thru the 15th so why are shorts piling on despite this change in gen L return?

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