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  • pippo_the_1 pippo_the_1 Jul 29, 2012 2:16 PM Flag

    OT- Candide

    "I want you to tell me if you still think I do not belong here."

    There a two ways to answer this. The first is that no one should care what I think. The second is more direct and you belong here.

    We do have some fundamental disagreements, but who cares? That is a part of life. And, it can be fun to discuss them. I am not of the camp that I think everyone must agree with me.

    Also, we do share some similarities, such as an interest in writing.

    "I found your remarks painful and humiliating"

    My approach and temperament were wrong. I should have shown more grace and given you the benefit of the doubt. At times, having seen the nonsense that occurs on this board, it is easy to see what is assumed to be a flaw and think it is intentional. I was wrong and before everyone here I hope you except my apology.

    "I accepted it with far more kindness than you deserved."

    Fair enough.

    Please accept my apology and if you wish for me never to address you again, I won’t.

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    • Pippo,

      Has it occurred to you that this OT has become somewhat like a bizarre soap opera?

    • Dear Pippo, OT-private

      I know this response was not easy for you. It has not been easy for me either. I think we can both agree that this has been a good example of how not to begin a relationship. And of course I accept your final apology with open arms.

      No one should care? I always care about people. That should come as a shock to MUY who I beat up without mercy. Now, I commend him for his return to reality. I try to help people organize their thoughts and be able to back up any statement of "fact" with undeniable truth.

      Whenever I see this happening, I think I have done something of value for this board. I know I am ignorant, but that does not mean I am stupid. My goal is to challenge others to think creatively and not just accept defeat. Sometimes, a totally moronic statement can be most effective because it gets attention and a response. Then, we go to come up with a better answer. And when this works, at least two people are happy.

      All my life, I have believed that there is no problem that cannot be solved. I may not be the one to find it, but someday, somewhere, someone will. That is an unshakeable belief. I also believe in being kind which is sometimes a problem because I also believe in honesty. I do not tell people what they want to hear. Instead, I will say nothing or change the subject if it really isn't important. I will put a relationship over a trivial dispute at all times. I am also capable of changing my mind, but not because someone else wants me to do so. I do not rush to judgement. I consider pros and cons, weigh all positions and then reach my own decision. This can cause friction , but I do not change my mind to please others. That doesn't mean I have any plan to force others to share my beliefs. Now, I have shared the basic me.

      The bad stuff. It's never a good idea to give me a bad time (as a journalist especially) because sooner or later everyone blunders and I will be there to wriite everything said in quotes. I have a very long memory. Attack one of my children? Say your prayers. I don't like dogs. Love cats, birds, racoons, squirrels and even skunks. My greatest flaw is my health. I have had both Crohn's disease and arthritis all my life. Neither was a problem until my early twenties. Still, I never let it interfere with my life. But the last three years have been really bad. My kid's dog knocked me down and broke my hip and I have a fistula that makes swallowing hard (result of thyroid cancer and it's surgical removal). Being unable to walk or eat is a social liability. More so for others, I think. Your turn.

    • I can only speak for myself I accept your appology

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