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  • t.boone11 t.boone11 Jan 30, 2013 4:06 PM Flag

    Shiny New Bags at the Annual Meeting

    Raj has given the OK to buy some very spiffy new bags to be distributed at the Annual Meeting for all the bagholders out there. He might have to sell a few hundred thousand more shares in order to do so, but he's willing to throw in a few vials of Fusilev from his new manufacturing plant since it seems he overestimated a wee bit on product demand. I know, shorts, tutes, FDA, AF, MMs, men in black, Lady Gaga, etc... holding this thing down. Just keep the faith longs, the short squeeze is just around the corner. LOL!

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    • You forgot what it is you saw in the mirror. Goodbye TUPID !

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      • Morons everywhere, desperate shorts and longs. If you are long time is on your side, for shorts next Q is going to be do or die. Raj is keeping quiet and waiting for the stock to explode in ASCO, he is going to wait and let Topo sweat it out. Topo says 25% ORR, Raj is saying wait and watch. In the meantime the shorts on Fusilev are going to be hit with a couple of new drug deals that Raj's team will market.
        AF suckers pay attention, he can turn around and say BUY, BUY, BUY just as soon as his boss tells him to do so. Weak hands are the shorts who scrambled on a rumor of a buy out and covered 2.7M shares yesterday.

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    • tboone- the winning bet is to stay long. whats with your "LOL"..........i dont see shortie making $$ here.................. tons of other better short bets so if u r boasting of shorting sppi that makes you schmuck with a triple a rating. "LOL"

    • Laughable. Here is reality:

      Jan 30, 2013 $11.93
      Jul 1, 2008 $1.33 adj. monthly close

      A 9 BAGGER in 4.5 years. Are you kidding?

      In the last 2.5 months, SPPI went UP from $10.64 to $11.93 PPS. The "bagholders" have made $85 MILLION and shorts have still lost $40 MILLION in portfolio value with the special dividend in the last 2 1/2 months alone.

    • i'm only playing the 11.50-12.20 range but what do shorts have to gain from this? i'm asking this as a real question. the floor is around 9.80 over the past 2 yrs, and the odds of this thing going thru that to make it a worthwhile short doesnt add up vs the entire universe of #$%$ stocks out there that have a lot further to fall - to where you'd earn more than 10% max. why stay in the short unless you play the range? Not following....

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      • Ryan- I've also been puzzled by what it is the shorts see in this stock. I see a strong balance sheet, cash flow positive, a promising diversified pipeline and throw in some possible buy out interest and it would seem that there are a lot of lower risk/higher reward shorting opportunities out there. I've made some decent money in the past going long in stocks that have a high short interest but in those cases I understood the bear position but just disagreed with it. This one I just don't get what they see. If they are betting on a big fall off in Fusilev sales that would depress the price some for sure but I wouldn't think the profit potential would be enough to offset the risk of a buy out or positive trial results which would set up an epic short squeeze. Any shorts out there want to explain their logic?

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