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  • augusta86 augusta86 Feb 11, 2013 9:38 AM Flag

    Would take $18 and go quietly..

    ..i know many would feel this would be way too low but 50% is a great premium....and gives an opportunity to move on to the next investment. hope management isn't going to wait for $20+, that could take a long, long time....and too many other things can happen in the meantime.

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    • You must be kidding....We have had 18 bucks not so long ago. You want to settle for small change?
      This company has quite some catalysts in their pipeline.

    • I guess if 18 per share would make you financially independent, then take the independence and run. Couldn't blame you. If someone gets up each day and hates their job (not saying that is you), a buyout and financial independence means a lot more (short term) than someone who likes their job and can sit back a few years for the POSSIBLE mother load. Despising a job and having enough shares that 18 would allow one to walk away. 30 would allow one to walk away and do a significantly much more with their free time. However, bird in the hand versus possible greed. Also, a repeat of 2008 can destroy even the best of stocks

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      • If anybody is planning their financial independence counting on SPPI, my sympathies.

      • Just to clarify, I do believe the company has fundamentals that support a share price north of $30, and perhaps even higher. My comments are with regard to any alleged buyout. A 50% premium is nothing to sneeze at and would derisk an investment, while giving a very good return. Tartia, who I am very grateful to for all his great input over the years, not to mention play by play on the message board of important company events, has in my opinion put the blinders on as it relates to SPPI. This is not a risk free investment. The company has a concentration problem with Fusilev, as well as a gauntlet to confront with the incredible short interest...who will not go lightly with the amount of money involved. And these issues are separate from the macro issues the market can always throw at you. I have a large amount of shares in Spectrum and think that ultimately is goes much higher but waiting for a 5 or 10 bagger while turning down a guaranteed 50% return seems foolish. Just my thoughts after having been on the wrong side of these trades before.

    • seriously don't hold your breath, this stock hasn't gone anywhere but down!!!!!!!! 18 won't happen in this lifetime

    • You'd be leaving mega bucks on the table....

    • Augusta. Go take advantage of those great opportunities. I'll stick the this great opportunity and not for a measly $18. Have you learned nothing about this company and its potential? $18 will look like peanuts in a few years and I'll be here still smiling.

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      • Yes, IF $5B market cap is achieved in three years, $18 will be a quickly passed stepping stone on the path to potentially $50-$80.....After all, it does have a long, long way to go to reach Raj' goal and hasn't budged much since Raj made the comment to Propthink in Sept....

        BTW, today's volume reminds me of the yester-years...The kind of volume it used to receive when the stock was trading @.80-90 cents..

        The short situation with the days-to-cover have gotta be extremely lengthy.....

      • solomon_swartz Feb 11, 2013 10:36 AM Flag

        Augusta is smart, the potential is no guarantee, and the pipeline could fail. Augusta rather take a 50% gain that's certain than keep gambling the chips on a monster payload. I would also be comfortable with an 18 dollar pps. I would love it to be higher if possible, but that's a pretty huge return if you think about it

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