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    • The sky is falling in. Again .How can you forget the future CEO has been with Spectrum long enough to create a regional sales plan. He is the next CEO, if not, a most expensive Ken doll. If Raj decides Ken Keller is ready to assume that position, he will.. It would be insane to sell now. Envision the worth of Apaziquone, a $1B/yr drug, Increasing sales of Folotyn by combining it with Fusilev,, which should at least bring in $1M/yr and require even more demand for Fusilev.. I am sure Keller knows the value of Zevalin and so will doctors after a visit from a Spectrum rep. Belinostat is an unmet need drug. The FDA can approve it based on phase 2 results which were better than expected.(by 20% I think).

      Do not forget their new drug for use with dialysis due to advanced kidney failure. When Spectrum acquired this drug, Raj said they would "add value" and sell it. But now, he seems to love the idea of sending his trick or treater sales reps out with more than one drug in their bags. Urologists probably have more patients with kidney failure than bladder,cancer, why not sell two instead of one? And don't forget SP2012 which has a $2-$3 B/yr. market. As I recall, Raj will have world rights minus Asia.

      The point is Spectrum is not a one-trick pony. Next year, Apaziquone may be #1 in sales. Please remember that every rep we hire brings his own portfolio. Same salesman and same customer, will open more doors which spells more revenues.for Spectrum. Ten years ago, Spectrum stock could have been bought for under $1. Last year it hit $17.48. Today, this equity fell to $11.63 due to a drop in revenues from Fusilev for Q4.. OMG! EPS [s not $2. IMO, it is time for you to rethink, not Dr.Shrotriya.

    • agreed, he might be a good scientist, but not CEO material

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