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  • t.boone11 t.boone11 Feb 19, 2013 10:55 AM Flag

    Oh Mighty Raja, Set your Sheep Free

    The slaughter is getting ugly and I suspect by Thursday, will only get uglier. Your incessant puffing has decimated your flock, time to be honest about Spectrum's prospects and save some of your sheep from becoming mutton chops. See ya'll around $10'ish very soon.

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    • We were just at $10.64 on 11/8. Why didn't you cover? Special dividend and now still down almost $30 MM at $11.58 with the dividend PLUS HIGH carrying costs. Let me know when you cover at under $9 PPS in the next few months. Otherwise, you are losing money.

    • TBo, For some reason, it seems you are less than impressed by Dr. Rajesh C. Shrotriya's decade of Spectrum's CEO and creator. He began at zero and 10 years later, consider what he has done. Had it been you, what would you have done to accomplish more?

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      • Honestly, I think he's done a better job than a large majority of CEOs out there who've started biopharma companies. Nothing personal - I just wish he'd be a little more "realistic" about the Company's future. Maybe he honestly believes they'll be doing a billion in sales in a couple of years or that Fusilev won't lose market share to generic leucovorin or that Zevalin will gain traction in the oncology space or ..... Throw all the P/E ratios you want at me, I personally feel the Company is still overvalued and that the stock still has further to fall (although not much further). There could be some lucrative trading opportunities here over the next couple of months, but the long's pipe dreams of a massive short squeeze, or Japanese buyout, or whatever is pie in the sky. Me, I'm happy trading in and out of SPPI and making a few shekels wherever I can.

      • yes this is lost on the board. Raj is a great businessman and visionary. Unfortunately his style is a bit aggressive . He believes in hire and fire policy. Also he i believe is somewhat of loose cannon.

        So Raj is misunderstood. Last year's stock sale has created more mistrust. But I do believe he is an aggressive , straight talking and honest guy. Just misunderstood.

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