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  • ouch_yikes ouch_yikes Feb 27, 2013 5:31 PM Flag

    Raj still thinks ZEV's a $300M/Y drug

    RBC was a Q and A format....He refuses to think anything other than huge growth ahead for ZEVALIN

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    • $300 m / yr is reasonable given the following:

      Zevalin vs Rituximab trial will officially establish the superiority of Z. Non-use of Z will become very hard to exlain.

      If NRC regulation changes from "direct supervsion" of administration by a rad onc to "supervision", oncologists can administer Z (or have administered by a qualified technician) without relinquishing the patient to another doctor.

      The regulations governing Z administration may be less restrictive internationally.

      Based on the above, I have high hopes for Z sales going forward.

    • "He refuses to think anything other than huge growth ahead for ZEVALIN"

      What's the definition of insanity? Could it be telling the same lie over and over thinking that will change the facts? More proof this leader needs to fall by the wayside.

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      • Or maybe the constant bashing of one specific product. You really are obsessed with Z's failure.

      • Dear Ducky,
        I have never agreed with you in the past, but reality seems to contradict Rag's belief that Zevalin will have huge growth anytime soon. In late 2011 the bioscan was removed. It should have made its use double or triple.but it didn't. Can't disagree with Raj's belief but there is a difference between should and will.

        If Raj thinks Zevalin could be a $300M/yr drug, that is not an unreasonable amount. What does bother me is the time and money he spends on this one troubled drug. I do hope he has not ordered Keller to concentrate on Zevalin. I don't think he is insane, but is obsessed because he has a great drug but can't sell it

    • I don't blame Raj for his Z passion....I mean holy cow, look at the supporting docs when compared to other drugs. I think efficacy should fall on the desk of the FDA...If it is proven that one drug is MUCH more effective than another, it should be made manditory that the better drug be prescribed....

    • Thanks ouch, was this discusssed today?

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      • Yeah, he discussed all three drugs latest. He mentioned the two NDA's, but what I loved hearing about was the possibility of FUS helping mucositis issue with FOL and knowing by either year-end(when their trialing ends) or early 2014 because this may mean potential additional revenue streams and so soon at that...Pure genius on their part if this new application for FUS works, IMO. Raj mentioned even if it helps mitigate(not eliminate)mucositis, it could be big benefit and extend the FOL therapy

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