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  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups Mar 7, 2013 10:02 AM Flag

    Whats so complex ? shorts are 27 mill shares trapped.. when least expect it sppi pps will shoot up...

    This is a longer term play..............this is not a short term satisfaction play.......
    sell if you cant hold.............stronger longs will pick up your shares.
    thats just how i perceive this situation from years of observation.
    i am convinced short thesis has absolutely failed.
    i am convinced shortie holding its funds tied up in sppi is a "waste of money"/........ Shortie is smart money that got caught in wrong bet. shortie dont know how to extricate itself from 27 mill short shares. i believe shortinterest is held mostly by one, two,or 3 institutions. i suspect goldie socks is prime likely candidate for being big time sppi shortie. these shorties got multi billions in assets in their control. They can hold on to losing bet for longer time as they have other non sppi bets that are profitable and hence offset their moronic sppi short bet. raj and new amgen hirees have sppi on growth trajectory. eventually........ Shortie will leave and move on to other stocks that are vastly overpriced and better short candidates.

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    • Dear String,
      I agree with you . Since this pps is between $11 and $12, frequently on low volume, this is hardly an equity to short. It is not worth it. IMO, either stay long and wait or sell on a good day and look for another position with ample upside potential to offset any losses with Spectrum. As much as I like Raj, I don't see Spectrum going anywhere until Keller is the CEO.

    • hneiman Mar 7, 2013 10:45 AM Flag

      My question to you is how can they move on to me they are locked in and just wish for some collapse in the market so then they will exit. as you say they can afford to hold on for a long time. We all seem to be prisoners. this is truly an enigma.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Expect the unexpected. Never short a dull market or stock(and this stock is the dullest on the planet!)..Eight months and the SPPI stock meanders between $11's-$12's...The line in the sand has held now for EIGHT MONTHS!...Shorty can't drop the thing lower...Its why the next leg move up could be much faster than anyone anticipates. Volume has all but dried up with no weak hands left at all. Even sharks have to move on when the carcasses and blood all disappear and hunt elsewhere..In this case, ALL 27M of 'em will need to move elsewhere this year...IMO....

    • just my layman opinion. do ur own thinking obviously. gl.

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