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  • imho_dyodd imho_dyodd Mar 8, 2013 8:00 AM Flag

    Can Joe Turgen and Ken keller usher growth in Zevalin in 2013 and 2014

    We all know fusilev overhang will remain for quite some time...even if fusilev sales sustain.

    The only way valuation can change in the near term, if Zevalin sales can grow significantly....For example, the long term FIT study is impressive....I still don't understand why Zevalin does not sell.

    Can Joe Turgen take Zevalin sales to $70m in 2013 and $90m in 2014 ?

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    • respectfully, another way valuation can change is if shortinterest alters their losing strategy w/r to sppi corp................or.............if a new 3rd party (parties) take new long positions in sppi triggering a short squeeze............... there are multiple other scenarios i can think of off top of my head that can easily alter the sppi pps.........SHORT TERM.............. this seems obvious , imo. BUT NO ONE IS GONNA SEND YOU AN ADVANCE LETTER CERT RRR ADVISING YOU THAT SUCH IS ABOUT TO OCCUR

    • As I said yesterday, this stock is going nowhere until Keller is the CEO. I hope he is as good as others think. As for Zevalin, recently I answered this. The problem is the regulation and requirement of a license to use a weapon grade radioactive substance. Go see Antihama's explanation . It's perfect.. Simply look at the top of the page and put in Antihama. or click on his name if you can't find it.. And money, One treatment is not profitable.

      IMO, no one can sell that much. It makes more sense to squeeze every dime from Fusilev and launch it with Folotyn. (with FDA approval of new indication.) Remember, it will take a great deal of money to do anything with TOPO target. Next year, they really need to get Apaziquone approved and on the market. That's a $1B/yr. drug with no competition. They NEED that money to fund work on Belinostat, and on-going work on Apaziquone. Have you not noticed the fall in eps? The reason is expenditures. Hope this is helpful and have a good day.

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      • Hey Candide, interesting latest analysis. I do not think KK has any more sway over the stock price than Raj. At the end of the day, it all comes down to solid earnings and growth. All one can say about KK is that AMGN onc. sales went from $2B to $6B, which is pretty impressive, especially if he knows how to replicate the process over at SPPI.

        As for Zevalin, the drug might not have such a hard time in socialist nations where money-making is not the bottom line. Ease of use might be best in those countries. As for Belinostat, its just not a big revenue driver to begin with but even @$50M could be worth $200M in added market cap(which would presently be nearly one-third the current market cap!). A provisional approval with APAZ would be big...a game-changer...SP-2012 could be big, too..AMGN would be very wise to consider take a significant stake in SPPI just for SP-2012, IMO....Lastly, as for EPS, I do not think those three "analysts" on yahoo can be taken very seriously....There still is, for example, a $21.25 consensus price target and the stock is languishing @$11.60...Nearly 100% upside on the consensus..Who is right? 100% upside or decreased earnings per share.....or is Raj right, expect continued revenue growth?

    • I am happy if these guys can take Zevalin sales to $50m in 2013 and $70m in 2014.
      Nothing in the past has moved the needle for Zevalin. Hopefully these guys have the magic. Value of Zevalin is clearly there.

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