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  • biobottom biobottom Mar 13, 2013 10:24 PM Flag

    Class Action Lawsuit against Raj and SPPI

    I have lost big money in stocks before, my mistake, take it like a man. But this was a massive set-up by Raj, who profited handsomely while misleading investors using his insider information and public platform. This time its different, and so I contacted the first law firm doing its preliminary investigation offering my full cooperation. Raj and his cronies need to cough up their ill-gotten riches, and pay the price for this fraud on shareholders.

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    • I agree, if it smells like a duck, and walk like a duck, and think likes a duck,,,and I don't mean George or his brother Jeb Bush, who are the worst in financial matters, it is RAJ. He sold $4 million at end of 12/12. He needs to return it along with the ill gotten gain of the other Board members. It is the appearance of fraud.

    • If you really have done this as you say, then you really should not be in the market at all. We dropped 38% today, and I just know you got in lower than yesterday's close. Your loss is minimal at this point. The law firm is going to request some money from you to get the ball rolling. You will never get this money back because if and when they lose they will keep this. Lawyers get paid no matter what the verdict. Because you have done this, SPPI will need to hire their lawyers to defend themselves. This will cost the company more money which may drop the pps further. This case will never make it to trial, let alone win one cent from this company. Please don't play the game if you can't stand to lose.

    • count me in as well.. also have lost many times by fraudulent corporate officers.. but this time I will get on the list. might not get any money back but raj needs to pay as in.. MAKE IS OLD AGE A MISERABLE LIFE!!!

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