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  • matrixtrade123 matrixtrade123 Mar 16, 2013 8:36 PM Flag

    another lawsuit for a total of SIX LAWSUITS FILED

    my oh my.. the dogs are circling the wagons.. I do not ever remember a -40% to -50% pre-announcement 3 weeks after a cc or 6 lawsuits filed.. this is GETTING UGLIER BY THE DAY!

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    • When MNKD crashed after CRL 2 years ago, I counted 12 different lawsuits, so SPPI is barely 1/2 way there yet

    • hneiman Mar 17, 2013 12:23 PM Flag

      You don't go to court on hear say . The ambulance chasers are just advertising for clients. Boy you shorts have crawled out from the woodwork.

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      • you said: You don't go to court on hear say .

        You are either dumb or what i call "inebriated long"

        Pls read my posts on statements about Fusilev as recently as in December when Raj sold all his stock. Pls read my posts on lack of statements on 340b rebates or the increase in gross to net adjustments.

        THIS WAS A WELL HATCHED SCHEME. Whoever was involved in this scheme should be brought to books. Thats all I am asking.

    • Raj and his family made their monye( raj emplyes (son,,daughter,daughter in law and more)I bet the money are safe in an Suisse bank or other safe country bank.AF was totally right about this DOG's moral carecter, why did the street never trusted him? Now we know why,the sand N is a thief.

    • matrix.......... respectfully, allow me to point out that from what i am seeing on the internet........ there is ONE CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT FILED.........AND THEN THERE ARE A BUNCH OF LAWYERS ISSUING ANNOUNCEMENTS/PRESS RELEASES/ INTERNET INFOMERCIALS.........WHICH "appear to you to be indications that these lawfirms have commenced lawsuits" but in fact they DID NOT COMMENCE LAWSUITS. read closely........... these lawfirms are trying to amass class action plaintiffs so they can make legal fees..........ARE YOU AWARE MATRIXTRADE THAT ALL SHAREHOLDERS OF SPECIFIC TIME FRAME ARE AUTOMATICALLY PART OF THE LAWSUIT EVEN IF THEY DONT REGISTER WITH ANY LAWFIRM ???
      i suspect you know that. that concerns me. NOW I AM POSTING THIS TO YOU IN FRIENDLY FASHION. IF YOU CHOSE TO RAMP IT UP TO UNFRIENDLY......... I DONT GO AWAY. i hope we can continue on friendly basis.

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      • You are absolutely right, IMO, String, in that there is ONE CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT FILED and you will be included in any rewards if it should come to fruition and it is during the time period specified. They usually state at the bottom of the paperwork that you will automatically be included and do not need to do anything unless you wish to do something on your own. I have received monies over the years from various companies who have been sued and I did absolutely nothing. In fact, one in particular, NTPA, I received a little dab several years ago and I almost couldn't remember .ever owning them, since it had been such a long time ago that the suit had been instigated. The amount might have been enough to fill my diesel truck with gas a couple times!

        As always, I appreciate your insight, String, as well as Ouch, Joe, Candy, Hneiman, JJ, Sharon, and many other valuable contributors....some so new to this MB that .I'm not that familiar with them yet. I probably will not be buying any more shares until I see how this all settles out but I certainly am not going to be scared into selling at these ridiculously low prices!


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