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  • taylor8919 taylor8919 Mar 18, 2013 9:22 PM Flag

    Questions to ask yourself about SPPI before you sell in a panic

    Setting aside all the noise/name-calling/cheering, and taking into consideration how the business fundamentals (not the stock) look it likely that things will deteriorate in the mid AND long term? Is this going to be your best time to SELL? Do you think the company is better positioned in sales/marketing than last year? Do you think Ligand would license Melphalan to a dying company with no skills to bring drugs to market? Is there ANY possibility of a leucovorin recall/shortage for any reason in the future? Will short interest be hanging around at this price if we were a month away from FDA decision?

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    • The C0.. has talent but it cannot covert that to cash flow in the short haul. A drug approval is tediuosly slow and expensive. To acheive that you need deep pockets, excellent Lab know how/luck and some big Pharma networking skills.

      The recovery will now be slow only because Investors remember the past & the hype be it from outsiders or Insiders.

    • I am surprised to read some sanity. Thank you.

    • Dont do anything in a panic but if you are a large bag holder and love this company start increasing your position with larger blocks to reduce your cost basis thus reducing the holding time to recovery. It may be a very long time. Maybe it is better to wait until share price is in the 5 to 6 dollar range that may happen sooner than you think. It takes a long time to build trust once it has been broken. good luck and best wishes on speedy recovery

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Also to think about:

      1. company comes and says our financials are not reliable. our gross to net bookings all incorrect
      2. company comes up with a huge dilutive offering and raises $100m

      these 2 itself will crush stock price to $2-3. But apaz is another inflated bubble

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