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  • thegunnerab thegunnerab Mar 20, 2013 4:04 PM Flag

    Conference 2 cents


    I asked the majority of the questions and for those who talk to Ashley from IR, she was present too.

    My 2 cents:

    Ken Keller was nervous but got more comfortable as the Q&A progressed.
    Raj was relax and it did not seem that the situation bother him at all.
    Spectrum won't buy back a single share this year nor Raj.

    The maximum sales potential for Fusilev is 100M per year.

    The Gunner

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • I was surprised they allowed for so many questions. Ken seemed to answer questions honestly and tried to explain things. Raj's tone of voice seemed like he was a little agitated and defensive to me. I think they probably had known of the wholesaler order issue a little ahead of when they announced, but were probably trying to somehow rectify the problem. I doubt that Spectrum just said OK and rolled over when wholesalers stated they were not ordering for Q1. This was an unfortunate bump in the road for the company and shareholders. I will continue holding my shares. I trust that the value will return within 6-12 months and therefore I will not sell at a loss. They also stated they would like to continue being able to share dividends this year, so I will be keeping an eye open for that.

    • I listened to it and Keller was being humble and apologetic.. but what would you expect? The little momentum he started was immediately lost the second Raj opened his mouth.. do you believe what they said about "wholesalers to end buyers".. and the tracking software "which they should have had in the first place? I thought it was a fiasco and am not confident in Fusilev's sales as with SPPI management.. I would not touch this thing unless I saw $4 or less.. maybe a tease if I see $5.. and we saw $6 today.. I JUST DO NOT LIKE IT when I am making serious bank elsewhere.. my to biggest trades this year MPEL +$77k SPWR +$158k.. my to biggest losers SPPI -$22K AFFY -$4k.. also made good money with PBR MGM and PBR.. I wish all the best and would love to see SPPI GAP UP tomorrow for ya!!!

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