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  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups Mar 21, 2013 9:45 AM Flag

    off topic;;; GUNNER.........

    kudos to you for being a mb contributor that showed up to the sppi conference yesterday. your questions were probing an "on point" did make a valuable contribution to the sppi presentation. I also appreciated poster JJ making that informative phone call to sppi investor relations. jj extracted hard bits of information. its amazing how much gunner and JJ have done to elicit info from sppi corp. as a long time long and as a former and present fan of dr raj (minus some drawbacks obviously)...... i conclude, longer term sppi will hit new historical highs.......... so longer term investment horizon is needed here, imo, for longs. i dont see any rush to enter i think any major market correction in 2013 would offer entry opportunities as well. 2013 i foresee as rangebound in narrow range. i dont see lawsuits proving fraud nor breaches of statutory /regulatory law. (obviously discovery process if it turns up a smoking gun , then its a different assessment.......but so far.......i see no smoking gun) i feel raj must absolutely step aside but stay with sppi for his brilliant abilities. ceo position is clearly not one of raj's brilliant abilities. further i dont think investment community wants raj as ceo. that in itself seals his fate. of course, raj may very well stay where he is.........and in my view,,,,,that will prolong the suppression of sppi mkt cap.
    personally i will never short or bet my money against sppi. too many other money making opportunities out there........daily. too many nice folks on this mb.

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    • I am in general agreement, except for timing. The market does not trust Raj. However, I'd guess the market is neutral to he's likable. I would like to have the market love him. Yesterday, he was under too much pressure. He needs more exposure when the fate of the company depends on what he says and did he sound honest. That was critical. Yesterday, he had to be 100% honest.

      During Q and A, he was more relaxed and we saw his personality, intelligence and style. We need to see more of that sparkle. IMO, it would be wise to wait until he is trusted, liked and accepted before he becomes the CEO. That would eliminate six months of a wait and see stance. Raj should let him be the voice and face of Spectrum.and the more comfortable people are with him, the less they will think about Raj..

    • I also liked the questions asked. I did not thank gunner because it is hard on this board to be clear of whether or not people are full of bs or not sometimes. If gunner really was the person at the cc and asking questions, then I also am grateful for his contribution. I am stuck sitting on shares, but feel a little more at ease after yesterday. I will possibly add more to bring down my cost basis, but I'm in no hurry. There are better places to make up my unrealized losses.

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    • I second that, thanks guys.

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    • Appreciate it string. I value your comments. So I take it you are no longer holding any sppi shares?

    • String,

      Thank you for your kind words.I was long Spectrum for long periods and never short.
      I totally agree with your assessment and may go long at lower prices.

      The Gunner

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