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  • tartiaboy tartiaboy Mar 22, 2013 1:24 PM Flag


    I expect that SPPI will sell Renasorb in the near future. The realignment of priorities in R&D make it a non-strategic asset that need to be monetized.

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    • Tartia, What you say is true, but this could bring in more revenue kept, not sold. When Apaziquone is approved, Spectrum reps will have two drugs to offer urologists. However , Raj wants money now and it is not a drug for cancer. If Apaziquone was on the market, Raj might have kept it so he could have double bagged. I would bet there are more people on dialysis than patients with bladder cancer..

      Looking at pros and cons, . Apaziquone will bring in far higher revenues than Renasorb. It is not a lifesaver..When you factor in manufacturing, selling and shipping costs, profits do not compare to Apziquone. However the cost of manufacturing Apaziquone is higher., but shipping costs? Selling? The market is waiting. and there is no competition. This is a $B/yr drug.

      Spectrum can charge a fortune per dose, but be cheaper over time. One surgery and one dose is not only a Godsend for patients. Compare one surgery to possibly five. and one dose compared to ten after every surgery and damage to other organs. It is a bargain.with no competition. The only problem is its success.If the cancer is gone, patients will not need it or need it far less. With the discovery that blood has an enzyme that inactivates or reduces potency, one dose may be all that is needed sales will fall for those treated. But, new patients will require it. Don't know stats on annual new cases a year, Raj would. All I do know is that incidence is far higher than I would have thought and it is the sixth most common cause of cancer deaths ww.

      Don't recall if Raj has ww rights including Asia. Allergan doesn't want to manufacture it because "it could upset stockholders"? OK. Actually, that does make sense. Think about AFFY and Bedford. Consequently, Raj either has Asia or will.IMO.
      Conclusions: Raj will sell Renasorb. He is full speed ahead on Apaziquone, hoping for provisional FDA approval. pronto. and wants ww rights. (can he copyright the discovery of blood enzyme effect? )

    • Keeping it would be a distraction for the sales force; no synergy with other products. Hope they sell it after ongoing trial is complete, not before though.

    • btw it's Renazorb !

    • no we see how dumb the share buy back and the dividend was (and according to the last presentation Raj still isn't heald from the fix idea of a dividend). They need(ed) this money desperately. Wrong decisions everywhere you look.

    • Was wondering if everyone forgot about Renasorb as the past trials were positive. Nothing was mentioned at the CC. btw, do you think they'll be able to meet their cost obligations of all these trials with their reduced revenue streams/cash on hand? Or, do you think share dilution is in the cards? Seems like they dodged that question during the Roth CC.
      Thanks for all your past level headed commentary. Chubbs

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