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  • imho_dyodd imho_dyodd Mar 24, 2013 5:53 PM Flag

    Fusilev- Statements

    1. I am hard-pressed to believe a Company with probably 500 years(25 sales pro * 20 years experience) of pharmaceutical experience and a CEO with 30 years of pharma experience, does NOT understand wholesale inventory stocking and stuffing and does not understand end user demand. And continues to ignore inventory and end user demand and continually issues statements that Fusilev will grow from its base of $45m/quarter.

    2.The company knows that hospitals will switch back to generic leucovorin but continually issues statements in last 1.5 years (including Q3, Q4) that Fusilev sales will NOT be impacted by generic leucovorin. They state Leucovorin players will compete amongst themselves.

    3. In Q4, Likely the company and ceo knew about the materially increasing gross to net adjustments due to 340-B rebates and the increasing consolidation of clinics, but doesn't say or issue a 8k about it in Q4 and then talks about this in Feb 2013.

    4. CEO Arranges his trading plan in Q3 to sell shares above $12.5 per share(artificially inflated price based on statements of Fusilev growth) and sells $8.8m of stock

    Now comes back in March and says we didn't know about inventory stocking because we didn't know or assess end user demand and we didn't have IMS DVD. our Q1 Fusilev sales will be $10-15m instead of $45m/quarter

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    • By all appearance were on the wrong side of your short position and reaching near panic mold. Relax it's only going to get worse... lol

    • Of course Ras and Co lied about not knowing about the revenue cliff. I hope he wears an orange jump suit.

      As to the L-L vs L, there is a general view that the single isomer is better than the racemic mix. Even w/o clinical proof, the drug will sell.

      This was an easy sell before the disaster, but that is water under the bridge.

    • 5. Was repeatedly stating Fusilev is a clinically superior product than generic leucovorin. Completely not true if you go by FDA's label on Fusilev. It has studies comparing Fusilev and leucovorin. and Fusilev is no way superior to leucovorin in safety or tolerability per fda's label.

    • Wow from forecast of growth in Dec 2012 and Feb 2012 from Q4 base of $45-50m, to $11.8m ?

      What a bad joke by a public officer ? You sold stock worth $8.8m before this

    • imho........enough already. If you sold, you lost; if you held your shares, then you did not lose and may be a big winner in the future when you do sell. Everything you are saying is according to your interpretation which is inaccurate and slanted to fit your agenda.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • crooks - pls see saxenawhite for the complaint. By far the best summary...although lot is missing in terms of conf calls in 2011 and early 2012 and what information was diseminated to public....Still a good fraud case.

      • no2crooks

        you said: if you held your shares, then you did not lose and may be a big winner in the future when you do sell. Everything you are saying is according to your interpretation which is inaccurate and slanted to fit your agenda.

        I say: Everything you are saying is according to your interpretation which is inaccurate and slanted to fit your agenda.

        Are you really serious when you say you did not lose and may be a big winner ?

        Have you factored their dwindling liquidity situation ? remember their cash pos 140-75(debt)-(AP-AR) = 32M
        It is extremely likely based on the Q1 sales and higher Sales force, their cash position will further deteroriate

        I would factor in a new offering that may raise $100m at very low share price. Also, who knows when SEC investigation will begin and what settlement liabilities may arise

        Have you factored the short interest after March 15th which is still very high ?

    • This presentation contains forward
      looking statements regarding future events and the future
      performance of Spectrum Pharmaceuticals that involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual
      results to differ materially. These statements include but are not limited to statements that relate to our
      business and its future, our strategy, the success of our drug candidates, the safety and efficacy of our
      drug products, product approvals, market potential, product sales, revenue, development, regulatory and
      approval timelines, product launches, product acquisitions, capital resources and any statements that
      relate to the intent, belief, plans or expectations of Spectrum or its management, or that are not a
      statement of historical fact.

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      • so you are saying the CEO and company with 500-1000 years of pharma experience did not understand or care to understand inventory stuffing at wholesaler or end user demand, but continually issued materially misleading statements on Fusilev, all the while having set up his trading plan to sell $8.8m stock before Dec2012 at inflated prices of $12.5 (propped by those misleading statements on Fusilev).

        I completely understand what the safe harbor covers. I think they will have a hard time convincing sec and courts that they did not know anything about this end user demand/inventory stuffing, while insider were selling $8.8m stock and stating Fusilev will grow from its base of $45m/q.

    • One of the nation's premier class action litigation firms now is representing shareholders: GLANCY BINKOW & GOLDBERG LLP

    • There was no official news that Mr Lev from Teva had joined the BOD and had created all this fuss.

      Now that the news is out , it helps me to understand why Fuss-lev was so important to so many iinvestors..

    • bmp

    • Boy, it's getting old. You are the new PK here.

      Of course no one will pay for your losses.... but you won't even admit to what you are holding and what you have sold. Why won't you even answer a simple question about your position here? That sounds just as sketchy to me.

      Here's my advice. If you feel like you are a victim of fraud, join one of the lawsuits. That's your right and your personal decision. But, what does whining on this site get you, other than the lack of respect from those who read this stuff? You are using the YMB as your personal psychiatrist.

      You used to seem like a credible source of information. Now, you seem like a crybaby that can't man up to losses in the high risk realm of biotech. Pull up your jock and grow a set. It's time to knock off the Kleenex posts. Move on... and if you wish to do something further.... be a man and lawyer up. This board only lets you hide behind your complaints. It makes you look like a real wuss.

      If you continue to whine and complain with a new post everyday here, you only confirm what we are all thinking.

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