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  • jjmill2 jjmill2 Apr 2, 2013 9:52 AM Flag

    JMP initiates coverage on SPPI at

    Market perform

    I was happy to see that. I am still holding long because if I sold, I would just be looking for another SPPI. That sentence was the deal breaker when I decided to add after the F debacle.

    Candide: You were not dumb when you bought SPPI. I believe you are still holding, correct? This means that SPPI still has a chance to be a great investment for you. I bought for the same reasons you did. I will add to SPPI and continue to do the same with BTX. I hope you have a great day.


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    • Be careful. The market is expected to trend down this Q. Dont be suprised to see $5.50 which will be consistent with market perform.!

    • This board is dead, the long time longs (there are not many left thanks to Raj over estimating F sales) can remember the days (back when the bioscan removal was about to approved) when this was the greatest mb on yahoo.

      Odd things can indicate a bottom in pps. I wonder how many long time longs are still holding? I am here for good. Hope it works out for me.

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      • Still here.

      • I don't post much but still here since 2009.
        I still like the long thesis which is why I added about 15% to my position last week. However I do find it hard to reconcile the two sides of this story:
        The company seems to have excellent prospects and we expect to still net about 70% of last year's Revenue. This figure is not only sustainable but we expect to see multiple new products adding to this in the mid term, 1-2 years. Whereas previously the stock price was discounted in anticipation of the FUS crash, any increase in revenue moving forward should be fairly reflected in PPS.
        On the other hand I just can't shake the frustration that Raj awarded himself a huge number of shares based on a target Market Cap, then published misleading and incomplete information in order to inflate the Market Cap to be awarded those shares, and then continued to publish misleading information while he sold those same shares at inflated prices! This is the dictionary definition of a conflict of interest.
        I am synical and I honestly believe that this was a considered and calculated plan to cash in and "Make Hay While the Sun Shone". However I don't think that Raj (nor the shorts, for that matter) expected Fus sales to crash as spectacularly as they did, and the fact that Raj is a scoundrel who raided the till doesn't necessarily change the long thesis, nor the fact that Raj invested FUS profits wisely and acquired other revenue generators including FOL, B and now this new one whose name I have forgotten. Nor has Raj's feigned ignorance hurt the company's bottom line, nor the pipeline.
        Can a till-pilfering scoundrel run a great company with great prospects without destroying it? Despite our frustrations, he seems to be making great business decisions!
        I just wish I could trust him, and feel like he was telling me the full story.

      • Still here. Not much to say at the moment. Too much noise on the board anyway.

      • JJMILL, the potential in the long-term outlook(2-4 year) has not changed. If ANYTHING, things certainly look potentially a LOT more robust than they did a year ago at this time! Last year at this time, APAZ failed it's two long drawn out extensive trials. The drug was perceived to be yet another failure and the stock price wilted. Raj kept saying that when the two trials were combined, the drug was stat sig and no one seemed to care. With an early 2014 NDA to be filed, and a new trial protocol in place, the drug will once again rise on interest, IMO...Also, right after the APAZ failure, they purchased ALTH, yet, it took almost the whole year 2012 to finally acquire the biotech. Most recently, they acquire Captisol to make two NDA filings for 2014. Belinostat NDA this summer..They had not ANY of this going on right at this time last year!!!

        IMO, the board is currently dead because it's perceived that there isn't much to get excited about in the near-term. The stock has been hammered and pummeled beyond belief(down @-35% so far this early into the year!). IMO, about 90% of this board are mostly comprised of retail and 90% are ALSO very short-term minded traders. Long-term investors like you, me, tartia, rv etc. are in the vast, VAST minority. Obviously, no one really cares about seeing through Q1 and Q2 into the 2H of 2013, when FUS ordering is supposed to return back to normal, more predictable levels. Anyone that is actually interested in the long-term, only sees this latest debacle as either a great opportunity to add or a temporary downward blip on a still mostly upwardly rising stock chart...or, as rvfirst recently commented, a "temporary annoyance".

        The stock price has been down BIG now for FAR too long(two years in a row, now), yet, the biotech itself has never appeared more stronger, more robust, with having so much going on. The late stage potential blockbusters: SP-2012 and SP-1620 ALONE are reason enough to hold...I don't mind holding 2-4 years....

      • I'm still here and long, JJ. Just been more into March Madness than the March Madness on this MB. I appreciate Candy, Joe, no2Crooks, Ouch, you and others posting. I have so many thoughts but will refrain from posting them for now. I will be leaving soon and will probably not be back until late September, but can assure you that I'm still long and strong!

        As for the shorts and the naysayers, be careful what you wish for, bad karma could bite you in the butt!!

        S'Long, GLTA longs and God Bless......................


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • What is the price target by JPM?

      • I do not blame people for selling, but I would not recommend it. Anyways, I do miss everyone. GLTYA

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