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  • imho_dyodd imho_dyodd Apr 11, 2013 10:04 PM Flag

    Pumpers on SP2021 and Apaz

    Guys - SP2021 just completed phase 1. There is still HUGE clinical risk, regulatory risk and marketing risk still left . Apaziquone has failed phase 3. There is still HUGE clinical risk, regulatory risk and marketing risk

    Stop pumping and assigning big value to these drugs . Remember they will short of cash soon and will likely do a dilution is the most prudent thing to do....But I doubt whether they can do offering at prices above $4.5....lets see.

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    • I thought you got into this stock for the 3-5 year potential, and now you don't like the pipeline?

      Stop pumping? Everyone here has a right to their opinion after studying the facts. The same could be said to you. Stop complaining and move on already. If you want to be taken seriously (have people read your blog and trust information you provide) man up and stop crying about this one already.

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      • duane - everything depends on trust. The way the public officer here behaved here on Fusilev makes me feel nothing (including financials) and anything that comes out of this company can be trusted. Pls note when there is a dilution offering, it will generally not be announced that it is coming. You have seen how shockingly irresponsible(euphemism) the statements on Fusilev released by this officer over last year and half and esp so in Q3,Q4 while this person was selling the stock ($8.8m).It is truly unbelievable for me.

        Yes I did know that Fusilev sales were not sustainable. But I had modeled around $35m and i thought this company would still break even in that scenario. Although this company has guided they will break even , I completely dont believe that . i think they will dilute away shareholders. remember they increased sales force....So if they raise $80m at $4 per share, that will dilute existing shareholders by another 25%. I personally think they should do it, to be prudent. But look how irresponsibly they again were when they said, we have enough cash and we will break even.....i think they wrong and another negative surprise will come again to shareholder by diluting away your 25%. And all that pumping on a drug that just passed phase 1 is PURE PUMPING. It has not even passed phase 1.

    • Marketing risk for A if gets approved is 0.
      Running out of cash is unlikely.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • SPPI posting a profit for 2013 is like generic Fus not competing with Fusilev.. remember that scam line by Raj.. the fact is nobody really knows the truth about how poor Fusilev will perform over the next 12 months?? That was their money maker and the facts is its gone with the wind and never to return.. With $160M in revenues this company will need an influx of capital.. This is a small cap stock as $160M a year in sales is PUNY.. fact is you CANNOT BELIEVE A WORD that comes out of Raj's mouth.. and the PUMPERS drink his KOOL-AID..

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