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  • joesolomon333 joesolomon333 May 9, 2013 8:07 PM Flag

    2H 2013

    SPPI should have earnings per share easily in Q3 and Q4 based on the call today and I agree with rvfirst that the run rate should be at or above $200 MM annualized during 2H 2013 once Fusilev normalizes again.

    In 2012, SPPI had $204 MM in Fusilev net revenues and with 75% in Clinics seemingly solid. Hospital usage also will most assuredly continue at some level. Thus, normalizing to a $130 MM to $150 MM annual Fusilev run rate should occur with a $70 MM and growing revenue base from Folotyn and Zevalin plus licensing fees. Together with three new FDA filings on the way.

    Ken Keller was very orgainized and professional and had a nice delivery and clarity today. Shorts are also covering on a continuing and increasing basis.

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    • hneiman May 10, 2013 1:01 AM Flag

      Mgt. was very conservative and restrained at the meeting. They will let the facts speak for themselves. They will remain that way for the next couple qtrs. Your projections for the remainder of this year are quite logical. we are almost half way through the second qtr so mgt should be fairly accurate in their projections.I feel very comfortable with the company. I noticed they did not lay off any people which is a good sign.

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      • hneiman,

        Yes, no layoffs. The real "killer" was SPPI INCREASED Cash by Over $20 MILLION to $163 MILLION. shorts are 'thumbsdown" over that and dumbfounded.

      • I actually expect them to give very little guidance going forward at all. The lawsuit will dribble drabble around for the next 3 or 4 years and they will play it close to the vest. The conference call today will be the standard.

        Ken Keller will continue to assume a greater and greater spokesperson role although Raj will continue to remain as CEO for a while and Chairman even thereafter as he should.

        The problem for shorts is that SPPI will exceed estimates and expectations the entire time. After Q2, revenues, earnings, cash flow, drug progression, filings and approvals will continue to layer on top of each other.

    • The problem the shorts have is that this is likely the last window of opportunity through the current Q2 2013.

      Thereafter, revenues, earnings, cash flow, fda nda filings, fda approvals, continuing trials are only going to increase. And you will continue to hear from Ken Keller more and more........

    • joe........agree with you and others about positive progress of Spectrum. Clock is ticking for shorts and they know it. Shorts are working hard to disrupt any positive stock price action......just saying.and others working hard pulling usual short/basher/trader stuff.

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