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  • joesolomon333 joesolomon333 May 17, 2013 10:10 PM Flag

    The real losers

    The real losers are guys like Brian Nichols and imho that sell after the Fusilev announcement and now SPPI climbs up from $6.92 to $8.14 in the last 5 weeks. Nothing like losing going and coming.

    With the FDA filings, Belinostat data, and Fusilev, Folotyn and Zevalin returning to normalcy sometime in Q3, the PPS may very well be approximately $11 to $12 before the lead plaintiff can even be seated for a deposition.

    imo, SPPI is severely undervalued. The remaining 22MM shorts have lost A LOT of portfolio value in the last 5 weeks. Would have been way ahead covering at low $7's and shorting something else....assuming they could cover without taking SPPI to $15 or $20 since they need 40 percent of the total float!

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    • joe- respectfully i would point out that in my particular case,,,,,,, the money i lost on the move from 12 to 8/sh,,,,,,,,, i have made back in its entirety on investing in other stocks. too many other stocks have much greater volatility than sppi and the market has been moving up. so buying on dips and selling on the virtually immediate rebounds has been profitable in so many securities. not so with sppi. i am not saying sppi is not going to continue its fantastic recent move from 7/sh to 8.15/sh and well beyond to the upside. i am simply relating my personal story. i sincerely maintain the wish that sppi pps succeeds, for the sake of my internet friends on this mb. personally,,, i will consider reinvesting in sppi if i get some concrete , unequivocal good news from sppi w/r to increase in product sales or fda approvals........ the submission of 3 ndas to fda is not enough for me to re enter sppi at this point in time. that said,,,,,, i am usually wrong :)
      good luck to longs......... i really root for all legitimate retail players b/cause i believe this is a highly corrupt casino where its fixed in favor of big money institutions.

    • It seems to me this Brian Nichols guy is good at predicting that the sun will rise at mid-day.

    • Thanks Joe

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    • ALthough F sales are clearly different now (however 2nd half will be interesting) this is a company who now has Folotyn and about to have Belinostat. We were at 17 last year, with these new drugs and Fusilev picking back up, we should be at 15 on a low end estimate. Throw some spi 2012 and apaziquone in the mix and I am wondering why our PE can't be a 15. GIVE ME A BREAK, I am here to stay. Must I say, those 7 dollar calls would have been looking juicy right about now if you grabbed them!

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      • SPPI is the most undervalued biotech I am aware of.
        1. The final Belinostat DOR could be exceptional once all the continuing patients are added in and the other solid tumor treatment opportunities are huge.
        2. Apaziquone is a $500MM to $1B annual revenue opportunity from what I understand and perhaps bigger.
        3. SP 2012 is a $5 BILLION market.

        A 15 PE is WAY TOO LOW. Raj will likely be right imo. Even with Apaziquone and no SP 2012, SPPI would likely have at least $6 EPS after-tax at $500MM in revenues plus the existing 3 drugs.alone without counting Belinostat.

        A 15 PE is $90 to $105 PPS or so. Imo, it should be a much higher PE with the TWO SP opportunities behind them provided the studies for these multi-Billion dollar markets are reasonably favorable.

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