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  • imho_dyodd imho_dyodd Jun 9, 2013 11:40 PM Flag


    I only made these postings , so people/investors are cautious and reflect on what happened here on Zevalin and Fusilev guidance here. I do not want people believing #$%$ and bull stories and losing money. That's all.

    of course I lost money here. would i have sold if the company's management have set up a investor conf call, apologized and explained why their Sales team were clueless about forecast and why their growth forecast was so off base instead of after the market 8K with literally no explanation whatsover what had happened. ...maybe...bottom line , i feel mgmt of public companies have high responsibility on their shoulders and shd conduct themselves with the highest integrity.

    good luck to you.

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    • Sign of the times in America:

      You and NO ONE else is responsible for your investments. Quit blaming others for your wins or mistakes. Put your pants on and zip them up and quit whining and blaming others for your predicament.

      Work hard and don't expect anyone to give you anything. You call 100% of the shots. You control your own destiny. If you blame anyone else for anything, you are a 100% loser. period.

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      • Joe, You are absolutely right. I know I have lost quite a bit to date, but I am confident I shall end up with a tidy profit in time. The wealthiest member of m,y family made millions because he never bought anything until he met with the CEO and went over the firm's books himself. True story, once he bought stock when it was about 60 cents a share. It didn't do much for about 18 months but he kept buying. Eventually it hit, and climbed to $95 a share. The problem of owning so much stock is finding buyers for large blocks. The point is it takes hard work, patience and confidence in your decision. The decision is yours. This is not a good stock if you're looking for some fast profits. I have no problem with waiting because I believe this company will show enormous growth in the next three to five years. IMO

      • I'm not sure if you are saying that IMHO's comments on the board should not be needed because the person he thinks to help should take responsibility for themselves; or if you are saying a company's executives and board have no responsibility to the investors? There is some ambiguity.

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