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  • tartiaboy tartiaboy Jun 24, 2013 10:54 AM Flag

    The WK Chart posted by AF

    Did anyone else notice that the generic sales have been virtually flat since January? At the same time WK is showing a downward trend for Fusilev. What's strange is that if generic sales rates are flat they cannot be eating into Fusilev sales. Something does not add up. KK said as recently as a week ago that IMS showed steady sales of Fusilev to clinics and some drop to hospitals. I don't trust WK data, and hope KK has his act together. We will soon find out.

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    • It is my understanding that WK does not reflect retail sales at all. Is this correct? That is why IMS is more accurate as IMS would reflect direct retail purchase orders by clinics which do not buy through wholesellers.

    • Right. Generic L sales to wholesalers have been flat since January. So, given constant overall demand for colon cancer related treatment, Fusilev sales should also be flat. It's a zero sum game. Looks like continued unwinding of excess Fusilev inventory.

      Spectrum was misled Wolters Kluwer data when they made their rosy sales forecasts earlier this year (admittedly a bush league mistake). The data that tells the real story is the end user sales data: When Ken Keller brought in IMS data services they became aware of the retail sales trends (clinics stable at 75% of overall sales, hospitals zilch). Jason Kantor, like Spectrum in the past, is using the wrong data to make his forecast. This is just another tempest in a tea pot.

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      • This is real odd. Does not make any sense. We already know F is struggling this half. Nothing was factualy about the downgrade regarding 2nd half. CS repeated its old Price target right? Repeated the same information SPPI has stated, and then added some bs about WK and 2nd half. Remember when the street upgraded SPPI at 17 a share? lol a down grade at these levels, could mean it time to cover before other prodcts come and F becomes stable. I am holding and feel this is a great company.

    • It is stated in $ not in vials.
      And Fusilev is 50 times more expensive than leucovorin.
      So if fusilev drops 50 mio. $ on the chart Leucovorin will only go up 1 mio. $
      thats why you cant add it up.

      But its really strange that Keller is stating that end user demand on IMS DDD is stable. Something dont add up. Is the company lying for investors once again ???

    • Is that one of the reasons for the drop? No doubt Credit suise has chosen the right day to rub it in. Manipulation as always!

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