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  • shakethetreehard shakethetreehard Jun 25, 2013 5:11 PM Flag

    Did "managment" know about Fusilev sales dropping?

    I really doubt it. I think Raj sold because he is getting old and wanted to devrisfy his assets. He still owns 1.5M shares of stock. If "management" knew then there is no way Ken would have invested over $100k of his money buying shares for $10.95 last fall. No way!

    Ken certainly would not be a buying had he known about what Fusilev sales were doing. Why would Raj know more than Ken? He didn't. He just had good timing selling last year. Everyone saw those sales and could have also sold seeing that he sold but I think they understood his age and that he was diversifying.

    So I don't see that Raj sold knowing the direction of Fusilev sales. I think most here expected a drop going into 2013 just not a drop that was as steep.

    The problem I see here is that the hedge funds that trade Spectrum and move the price do so solely based upon Fusilev sales and nothing else. There are biotechs out there with no approved products and less of a pipelien than Spectrum that trade at higher market caps purely on speculation of how their one or two pipeline drugs may turn out. The Spectrum pipeline is currently completely ignored.

    3 FDA approved drugs, 3 NDA's coming and the stock is treated like dog sheet. I think it is time Spectrum seriously consideres selling the company to a bigger pharma that can capitalize big time on the pipeline.

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