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  • onlytrde onlytrde Sep 29, 2013 10:12 AM Flag

    Litmus test coming up

    Raj and KK promised that F sales would be over $25 Million in 3rd quarter. I hope they were not lying. Anything in the $20 Million plus range would be great for me but I'll get out if this litmus test comes out negative. I feel I have been patient enough with this management to date (holding over 4 years now).

    BTW, I've been mulling the candidacy of KK to be the successor to Raj as CEO. Given that it's been over a year that KK has been in the current position, his only accomplishment to date has been to reorganize the sales team and identify the need for IMS data analysis. As bad as Raj has been, at least he built the company to where it is now. Sure KK can speak better than Raj but is that enough? Does he have a vision to move the company forward? I'm not clear on this and I have my fingers crosses.

    I think the board of directors need to look for another candidate in addition to KK as the successor to Raj. I'm not so sold on the Amgen boys anymore and my opinion is based on their performance, which no one needs a reminder about.

    Still holding...


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    • Onlytide,
      If anyone is estimating future sales it should not be considered a promise nor a lie. If revenues are indeed going up, that should be good enough, imo. If other drugs are nearing submission to the FDA, that may be more important a year or two from now.
      Is anyone considering Japan's need to cope with 19 rods not contained by lead and cement.? More radioactive material in the Pacific seems to be the only option. What are we or other countries going to do? IMO, not very much. I strongly urge you to follow Seattlefisherman on this MB. He's living with the initial "fallout" and know far more than I.
      Can't anyone stop bickering and pay attention to what's important. How much more cancer will this disaster cause and what types? This is more important than slamming Raj or KK. No fish, no swimming, later, will wine and produce be safe? By nature, I am not an alarmist. Please people, stop this useless nonsense. In the future, Zevalin and Zevalin B may bring in far more revenues than Fusilev.. Do you really want a buyout? THINK. Five years from now, do you think the rate of cancer will remain unchanged? How about Japan? our West coast? .

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      • Dear Candide, I use stuff other than Tide as well:)

        I would disagree with you on the estimates Raj and KK provided. They would be lying if the 25 Million revenue from F is not achieved in my book. I stated my opinion about how I would judge the performance of the sales team and the management. It is strictly a comment with no other bylines associated with it.

        As for Japan, there might be a different board where such a topic would be appropriate, I am no expert on that topic so no comments.


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    • even his KK public speaking was average

    • unimpressed with KK...what has he done?..with all his "experience"

    • "Raj and KK promised that F sales would be over $25 Million in 3rd quarter."

      I never heard them say this. KK originally said that he thought (not promised) F sales would settle or stabilize are around $25M/q. More recently Raj said $20-25M/quarter. That's a little slippage in forecast. Raj said that hospital sales were near 0, but that clinic sales were still holding quite steady.

      Starting this quarter SPPI will not publish individual product sales so we may not know exactly what F sales are unless they say it in a cc.

      I'm hoping that 3rd quarter sales are at least $40M in total.

    • I disagree. KK has a great reputation in the industry and well respected. The fact is as long as Raj is the CEO you will never see KK's full potential. I think with KK as CEO the company will excel.

    • hneiman Sep 29, 2013 12:23 PM Flag

      Good realistic thinking. The 3rd qtr will vindicate the mgt. And will indicate if they are competent.

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