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  • joesolomon333 joesolomon333 Oct 14, 2013 1:01 AM Flag

    Game Plan

    I assume that everyone would be happy if SPPI was at $80 PPS.......even if it stayed at $8 to $12 for 3 more years and jumped in 2017?

    P.S. Also, I personally do not have a lot of SIX BAGGERS in less than 5 Years so I DO NOT understand why a lot of you want RAJ replaced. He has out performed and destroyed Warren Buffet, Jaimie Dimon etc. for the last 5 years. (sounds like you are daytraders trying to time the market).

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    • "I personally do not have a lot of SIX BAGGERS in less than 5 Years"

      Let's keep it real. This SIX BAGGER you are hyping is as faulty as the 17-7 drop that the shorts are hyping.

      I entered SPPI, first buy at about $3.40, just before Satraplatin PIII results. We shot to $6-7 range and then Satraplatin news imploded. That was followed by the Ozarelix failure. These two events took us down to under $1 that you refer to. At that time the very survival of SPPI was unclear and buying was HIGHLY speculative. This stuff occurred on Raj's watch. Over the years we have recovered to the present PPS. Raj was responsible for the recovery, but he is also responsible for the screw-ups.

      I am all in because I believe that SPPI is better positioned than ever for real PPS growth. But I don't have any interest in revising history to support false narratives.

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      • nice to see you. Joe is very optimistic. He makes some great points, but I am personally so sick of Raj. He has done a fine job, but he is not transparent with us. I bought about 6 months before bioscan removal. That was a "near term" catalyst. lol. I am staying and buying based on all the shots on goal we have.

        Joe and Tar, thanks for being great contributors

      • I respectfully disagree. The move from $8.50 to $17 and back to $8.50 today is a complete wash and is irrelevant if you are an investor. You did not lose $, you simply did not make any. Thus, the shorts thesis is bs.

        The move from $1.39 to $8.50 is a six bagger in the last 59 months. That is a fact.

    • how much do you get paid for this

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