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  • sppibagholder sppibagholder Oct 16, 2013 5:50 PM Flag

    First-time poster: bought July 2012 $17 - one of my worst investments ever

    I've been hosed believing what I heard on conference calls that I listened to. I'm coming to this message board as a new author, asking if anyone else has a similar experience? A brokerage firm recently told me there is a Class Action Lawsuit pending against SPPI, its Officers, and Board of Directors. Please confirm, and if true, is it too late to join and how can I join? Finally, what is the current status of the pending lawsuit?


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    • unfortunately you get in a company managed by a group of greedy unabletelling a lot of lies and agreed with shorts to scrub money to shareholders...SORRY but true!

    • Whats your other ID ? You expect people to believe your just now hearing about a class action suit... yea right..
      Must be IMHO new alias, so he can have someone to chat back and forth with.

    • SBH, I bought SPPI at $3.45. It shot to $7 and then fell to 75cents after Satraplatin and Ozarelix failed. We stayed low for a couple years. I didn't bail, I didn't whine, I didn't sue. I continued doing my DD. Stayed the course and am fully invested. You timing was bad, but SPPI is a very good long-term investment. If you can, continue doing your DD. If you don't believe, bail out and move on. If you believe, add as you can and enjoy the ride. I personally believe we will see $17+ within the next 2-3 years.

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      • TT, I was right there with you and when it hit

      • so you are Raj didn't do anything wrong ?!

      • Thank you everyone for your comments. Tartiaboy, interesting observations, but I'm not whining. Perhaps my presentation came across harsh. The reality is that I intended to sell and take my loss to reduce overall 2013 capital gains. However, when asking the brokerage for their assessment of SPPI before selling, that's when I learned about the possibility of a class action. Yet they didn't know where to direct me. Having never joined a class action, it is my belief that you must still own the stock to join such a lawsuit. Thus, I'm not selling until I learn the facts. If its a waste of my time, I'll be selling before December 31.

        Again, if anyone would be kind enough to share a little due diligence about the status of a class action, if such even exists (links, lawfirm contact information, etc), I would be appreciative.

        No disrespect intended toward anyone here. TIA

    • you are the not only bad holder. Count me in. However I am not in class action.

      I really hope SEC investigation really digs into the matter here..

      .Class action suit generally does nothing...there will be a few $100m civil settlement.

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