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  • bigfry_52 bigfry_52 Nov 25, 2002 11:59 PM Flag

    $152 MILLION in CASH & ZERO DEBT !!!

    GME sells for less than 1X TIMES Sales.. They are loaded with CASH... and sales are growing like a weed....

    How about a ----> COMPANY STOCK BUYBACK ??

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    • i admit the stock is now oversold. fair value is probably 11-14. buy at 10 for a nice trade.

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      • The entire market needs reform and I would start with analyst and their recommendations and guidance. gme guidance was right on in January of this year projecting 20-25% revenue growth for the year. Everyone loved the stock and the group. The problem started when several companies increased revenue and earnings guidance. When it became obvious that gme was not going to hit the higher guidance the stock started selling off right after their great results for the last quarter. When the stock started to slip in price, I was suckered into thinking it was a great buying opportunity, and would buy on the dip. Little did I know the I was walking into a burning building. The biggest gripe i have other than all the money I have lost is how masterfully the analyst and media have portrayed the demise of this great industry in a way that would have you believe no one is ever going to buy another video game. Check out Reuters release if you don't believe me. Their headlines are that gme will miss earnings by 29%. The entire article is negative, when the reality is gme just had an incredible year with great earnings but revenue growth and I underline growth slowed toward the end of the year. I will be buying the stock in the mornings along with the same mofos that drove this thing into the ground. I predict huge volume in the morning and when the day is done the institutions will have loaded their trucks, and will be upgrading the entire video group within a month with the following statement. THE ENTIRE GROUP IS OVERSOLD AND EVEN THOUGH HOLIDAY SALES WERE SOFT THESE COMPANIES STILL HAVE EXCELLENT GROWTH POTENTIAL AND ARE SELLING At STEEP DISCOUNTS TO THE REST OF THE MARKET. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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